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Sunday, October 07, 2012

MANA deserves kudos for putting feed the kids on the political agenda

Kudos to Hone Harawira. When he's not enraging NZ with blunt and direct language on race relations that would be decried as racist if spoken by a pakeha, he is shifting the political focus to those on the bottom of the social heap.

I've argued for a political party like MANA to the left of the Greens using Hone's electorate to trigger the sub 5% threshold right from the beginning and watching the impact of MANA using their 'Feed the Kids' policy to influence Labour Party policy and now impact on National Party policy is a lesson on how the democratic process should work.

Sharing ideas and concepts that bridge our ideological differences for the betterment of all NZers should be the aim of political debate. We may disagree with the causes and how best to counter them, but agreeing to the immediacy of need and a means to dealing with that need is a bridge we can all feel better for building.

If some kids don't go hungry from this refocus, the first step has been made.



At 8/10/12 1:00 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

I agree with this article Bomber, it is a case of MMP finally showing its strength.
and much thanks to the people in Mr Hone Harawira's electorate who were insightful enough to vote him in allowing him to pass that threshold.


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