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Thursday, October 04, 2012

List of things Key has forgotten over 4 years in Government

The brilliant Frank Macskasy over at Frankly Speaking nails it with a brief reminder of how many things Key has conveniently forgotten about.

Frank goes into gteat detail, but to paraphrase, here is a list of things John Key has forgotten over 4 years: Kim Dotcom and the GCSB illegally spying on him; signing off on luxury BMWs; meeting mediaworks and agreeing to a $43.3m loan; the sky city pokie deal that he personally involved himself in; and the allegation that S&P were going to downgrade us. Is Key a stoner? Either knock off the bong, or get a bloody secretary. It's amazing at how convenient Key's memory is.



At 5/10/12 11:52 am, Blogger rachaelsfun said...

LOL yes he has forgotten all the bad bits hes been involved in .... and dont forget this blimmin greymouth mining disaster that they are STILL waiting for answers for a few yrs later ......

as well as not attending the funeral of those soldiers from afganistan (the 3 young ones) because he wanted to attend his childs soccer match ? like Hello whats wrong with THAT picture


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