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Monday, October 15, 2012

Jones heavies Curran: less satire, more CV?

Has there ever been a more obvious job application than Shane Jones' current penchant for decrying any political satire mocking Sealord's terrible record on slave fishing boats and lack of environmental conscience as Green agenda economic vandalism?

After the immigration scandal with William Yan and an Auditor-General investigation that is still pending, Jones needs an out. The allegations against him makes Jones a ticking time bomb.

By stepping into Claire Curran's portfolio however, Jones has edged the ante up. His one eyed over the top championing of Sealord suggests a very open job application while manufacturing a reason to leave Labour.

Jones is smarter than to stumble into an argument with Gareth Hughes in a policy area he isn't a spokesperson for. He's stamping on toes for a reason.

For the record Gareth is 1000% right and satire should be a good enough reason to break copyright rules.

Hilarious parody by Greenpeace by the way. iPredict still have Jones at 50% to resign by March 1st 2013 so they may still get the last laugh if he leaves Labour for a job at Sealord.



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