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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

John Campbell for NZer of the Year

John Campbell has done such an incredible job highlighting child poverty and the mounting problems Christchurch confronts from school closures to insurance payment delays to lack of basic services that I can confidently award him NZer of the Year 2012 with still almost 3 months remaining in the year.

His advocacy journalism has set such a high bench mark that only Gerry Brownlee running into a burning Beehive and climbing all 10 floors to save a touring bus load of school children would deny Campbell of the title of NZer of the Year.

He has done more to highlight social issues than most in journalism. Campbell Live has refused to simply entertain, they have challenged and pushed and prodded, and for their efforts they have been attacked by the NZ Herald.

It is not easy to convince a media company to ignore the easy ratings fodder that deadens the mind and compounds the problems, and Campbell's tireless work must be viewed within the harsh constraints he must fight each week to get those issues to screen.

For that, he gets my attention 7pm weeknights. Except for Thursdays when Citizen A screens.



At 9/10/12 3:50 pm, Blogger Nick Taylor said...

Here here etc.

John is doing what we really seriously need the entire journalistic profession to be doing. It really shouldn't be so unusual.

At 9/10/12 6:00 pm, Blogger Zoe Black said...

And they used their primetime slot to raise money to change things. Freakin' awesome dude.

At 10/10/12 8:50 pm, Blogger Phil said...

Main stream media is rubbish. I've stopped watching Free to air, except Campbell Live at 7,occassionally. Keep it going JC. Challenge those in power. Thankyou TV3.

At 12/10/12 7:04 pm, Blogger garden said...

Has your head been photoshopped or is it really that huge?


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