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Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's time for Greg O'Connor to resign

Remember when Garth George went too far and wrote his column claiming global warming wouldn't cause the earth to flood because God promised Noah he wouldn't flood the planet again?

Remember how everyone shook their head at Paul Holmes' racist Waitangi Day diatribe aimed to boost his return to a new season of Q+A?

Remember when John Armstrong accused bloggers of left wing agendas when he was one of the most ardent John Key cheerleaders?

Apart from gross editorial negligence by the NZ Herald in each case, what else do these examples represent? That moment when saner minds quietly thought to themselves 'yeah, he needs to be retired now'.

That moment has just happened for Police Association High Priest Greg O'Connor. Days after claiming holding the Police to account for their sado-masochistic pack rapes of the 1980s was a 'ritual humiliation', he has managed to top 'sexist pig' with 'corrupt pig'.

The crooked cop at the centre of the Red Devil motorcycle gang arrest scam was the same crooked cop who is behind the Dotcom fiasco. This is a Police force out of control, that they purposely manipulated the Court and committed crimes to trick a conviction so that their undercover agent could forge a credible criminal identity is an absolute atrocity to everything one expects from a Police force in a democracy, and the judge's blistering criticism of them has seen the entire case thrown out.

This behavior, to attempt a tricky on the Court by committing crimes is so far beyond what is acceptable you're left demanding everyone involved in this decision be sacked and immediately charged, so what does Greg O'Connor have to say?

Prepare to gasp at his audacity. According to Greg, throwing out the charges punishes the public NOT the Police.


The High Court’s decision to stay prosecution of 21 alleged serious organised criminals is disproportionate and unjustified, and the public will be the real losers from the decision, Police Association President Greg O’Connor said today.

...can you believe this sanctimonious prick? The Public were the real losers the moment the Police and a Chief District Court Justice all conspired to manipulate a case and commit crimes! Having the entire scam made public and the case rightfully thrown out the door doesn't punish the public, it punishes the bloody Police! The Police have let the public down, the judiciary is attempting to rebalance this obscenity.

Greg goes on...

“Police acted in good faith when taking these measures to protect the agent’s life, and acted with the knowledge and agreement of the then-Chief District Court Judge, Russell Johnson, in doing so. This included following his advice not to inform the local Nelson District Court of the ruse. To have the Court now effectively change its mind is a slap in the face for the agent who put his life on the line for over a year,” Mr O’Connor said.

...can you believe this guy? It's now the Courts fault? His pointing to a Chief District Court Judge who helped in this illegal masquerade simply means that's another person who should be immediately arrested now that case has been thrown out. We should consider O'Connor's comments here as evidence of collusion.

Greg goes on...

“Organised crime is serious business. It is a business which its perpetrators may kill to protect. The subterfuge in building a criminal record for the undercover operative was necessary to reduce the very real risk to his life.”

...no one is suggesting that dealing with organized crime is easy, but with the vast new search and surveillance powers and a lowering of the evidential threshold to seize assets, the Police have more tools in their armory to deal with organized crime than ever before. Those increases in power represent the largest erosion of civil liberties since the waterfront lockout, on top of that, Greg now wants the Police to have the ability to commit crimes and use them to deceive the courts as well? Why not go the whole hog and just allow the Police to act as judge, jury and executioner? Why bother with the entire legal system when we can just trust Greg and his gang to run the entire thing?

Greg goes on...

The decision to stay proceedings against the 21 members and associates of the Hells Angels feeder gang, the Red Devils, was also disproportionate and unjustified, Mr O’Connor said.

...can you believe the balls on this guy? The case getting thrown out because the Police committed a crime and colluded with a Chief District Court Judge is 'disproportionate and unjustified'??? I'm getting the feeling that bloody Greg want's them all exonerated and given fucking medals. He just has no concept at all that the tactics used here are repugnant and no amount of ends could possibly justify the means.

Greg goes on...

“The fact the agent had an artificially constructed back-story did not cause, encourage or enable anyone to offend. They were allegedly doing that anyway.

...oh no he didn't? Did he just try that on mid sentence did he, 'allegedly doing that' - cops huh? There is no 'allegedly' you arrogant clown, you've all admitted to doing this!

All it did was allow the undercover agent to move in their circles more safely in order to gather evidence. It is unjustified and disproportionate to throw out the charges against alleged serious organised criminals solely because the High Court now takes offence at the subterfuge involved in constructing a credible cover story for the undercover agent.

NO! The Police lied, committed crimes and manipulated the judicial process!!!

Greg's final paragraph is the cherry on top of this shitcake...

“In the High Court’s rush to punish Police, they are really punishing the public, who will now see 21 individuals escape trial for alleged serious organised criminal offending, and be left free to carry on their activities. The Red Devils gang will be empowered by this decision and the good people of Nelson will now have to put up with the consequences,” Mr O’Connor said.

...can you believe it? It's the Public being punished by the High Court attempting to rectify these illegal tactics. Jaw dropping. The Red Devils are being allowed to walk free because of your corrupt Police force Greg, trying to justify these actions shows how far out of touch Greg has become.

It is time for Greg O'Connor to resign. He's part of the problem.



At 25/10/12 12:59 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

You're preaching to the choir here I suspect. Greg O'Conner made my skin crawl from the day I first saw him. ALWAYS playing the police apologist, regardless of how totally wrong the cops were. He is also ALWAYS harping on about the ever more draconian pro-gun measures that are NEEDED to keep NZ safe - I suspect there is no Police State too totalitarian for Greg.
He doesn't just need to go now, he needed to go years ago.

At 25/10/12 5:14 pm, Blogger CosmicRocketCultivator said...

Oh,yes. I do believe this man is troubled.He has a hold of semi-darkness in his mistaken belief that New Zealanders really want to take his words of emptiness as anything of importance. The crooked scaffold he has created is now unworthy of contemplation by all but the lowly thoughtful. Man,just stop crowing on about how fucking hard done by the fuzz are. We of New Zealand hear you,Greg. The sound is repetitive and whingy.


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