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Monday, October 15, 2012

If WINZ as unsecured as blogger suggests - how can you trust Bennett's data list?

Cough, cough - bloggers doing it again - where's John Armstrong's bitching now huh?

So Uber Blogger Keith Ng scores another direct hit by highlighting WINZs bewilderingly lax security system. Keith's astounding expose on Public Address is here. This in the same week as Bennett announces a new Government database to track 30 000 at-risk kids.

If the Ministry can't keep deeply private information at WINZ safe, how will they keep a database as important as an at-risk kids list safe?

It's like Paula is busy announcing a new orphanage opening on the front steps while ignoring the fact the building is on fire out back.

Public confidence isn't exactly high in WINZ, this can't help that perception.



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