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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

How stupid does the HoS & John Hartevelt feel now?

Cough, cough - turns out National Standards that the Herald on Sunday and John Hartevelt rushed to promote to sell newspapers are even more bullshit than originally thought...

A test of teachers' understanding of the national standards has exposed a high error rate that is casting doubt on schools' results.
A report for the Ministry of Education says teachers asked to judge examples of children's writing against the standards got it wrong 49% of the time, and in maths the error rate was 39%.

It says when teachers were wrong, they tended to rate work better than it was. The ministry says the error rate in schools' final results will not be as high, because these are based on several examples of each child's work. But the report says the results call into question the dependability of teachers' assessments.

...ouch. Bloggers warned the mainstream media not to use these ridiculous national standards, but they did anyway.

Bloggers 2 Journalists 0



At 3/10/12 9:04 am, Blogger mickysavage said...

Ouch is right. If the test required the teacher to merely say whether the work was up to standard or not then a blind monkey standing on his head and throwing darts at a wall with "yes" and "no" areas would have done just as well.

At 3/10/12 10:05 am, Blogger Fantail said...

Um, there is no National Standards test.

These hired propagandists (sorry, "researchers") took a sample and projected from that. Hence the useless spread of 3% to 89% or whatever.

Second, their judgment against the standards of what is evidenced - there is no right/wrong, but some general statements of what a student can do - is the academic equivalent of "Am I hot or not?"

That's why the third crucial aspect - and I note the article managed to dump this key process right at the bottom so it totally delegitimses the job primary teachers are doing every second of every day - is Overall Teacher Judgment. So you don't just look at one piece of writing, because that is not fair or likely to be accurate. All the work, all the observations, all the conversations. A judgment the "researchers" were in no position to make.

Hence in no position to judge teacher marking, and the whole propaganda piece is another step in demeaning and undermining our professional teachers in a way you'd think they were responsible for a Great Finiancial Crisis or something, on the way to arguing that Official National Standards Standardised tests are the only way to make sure your kids are being assessed and league-tabled accurately.


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