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Saturday, October 27, 2012

How ethical are Gerry Brownlee & Peter Goodfellow?

Jaw dropping...

Brownlee was on fraud-accused's board
Cabinet minister Gerry Brownlee is ''deeply embarrassed" at getting caught up in an alleged fraud saga that has dragged in senior business figures and ex-All Black Jonah Lomu.

"I didn't do my research at all . . . I'm just deeply embarrassed I was anywhere near it," Brownlee said of his short tenure on the board of NZ Casino Services, a company said to be run by alleged fraudster Loizos Michaels.

He was speaking to Fairfax about a court trial where National Party president Peter Goodfellow was giving evidence in Michaels' trial. Michaels has pleaded not guilty to 31 counts of fraud involving dozens of investors who lost more than $3 million.

Brownlee became a founding director of NZCS on Goodfellow's recommendation but resigned after a few weeks.

That Brownlee and National Party president Peter Goodfellow were so greedy that they didn't read the fine print and rushed into a scam deal should surprise no one, wanting to turn a quick buck and being blindsided by that desire catches out people to Nigerian internet scammers all the time, but what is shocking is what this front company was intending to do, and the real question in all of this becomes, did Goodfellow and Brownlee know what the company strategy was, because if they did, it calls into question their ethical character...

The former casino boss said he was convinced by Michaels to apply for a casino operator's licence and to run a media campaign falsely alleging pokie cash skimming and prize-draw rigging at New Zealand casinos in order to crash the price of SkyCity's shares to smooth the path for the takeover.

...so did Gerry and Peter know that the business plan involved a false media campaign to create deception and slander to crash the share price of Sky City to enable a mass take over? Lying about a company to destroy it seems more corporate raider than respectable business dealer, what does it say about a Cabinet Minister and Party President if they knew what the strategy was and still signed up to it anyway?

Very smelly.



At 28/10/12 3:19 pm, Blogger Frank said...

I thought investments for Ministers was handled by blind trusts??

Ministers weren't supposed to be getting into hands-on investments?

At 28/10/12 7:30 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

I'm going to jump into the blindingly obvious pit of morbid despair here ...

Debating what , why and to whom Ministers of the Crown do is now pointless because , not only do we no longer have a functioning democracy , just a weak kneed , whishy washy , limp dick , old sock thing that only just keeps inquiry at bay and that's all , but we have no connection to the Crown at all hence our ' Government ' is a sham . Our Governor General is as connected to the Crown as my sweaty palms are to Hale Berry's bum cheeks .

Debating whether big Jazza is a crook or not is pointless . He doesn't care if you or I care or not . Johnkey-stien could care less if you or I think he's a liar because in his circles lying is de rigueur and admired in fact as a noble attribute for the successful multimillionaire uber big guy he's sure he is . So what chance do we normal humans have on that playing field ? None at all .

My fabulous old Aunt would often say ominously as she pointed with her crooked , work damaged finger to make a point . ' Mark my words ' and I would indeed mark her words .

Mark my words !
Before we go off down La La Lane to where the Fairies frolic and the belief that we have a democracy with obedient servants who have our best interests at heart sit cross legged and solemnly ponder how they must best serve those who pay them after voting them in we had better take a cold shower , flog ourselves with birch twigs and get someone stout to slap sense into us . That aint fuckin' reality man !

Our politicians are on a mission of grab-all and greed . They don't give one flying fuck about you and I or if they do , they haven't got the balls to follow through . In fact I could safely say I've seen more care and love expressed here from people whom are genuinely concerned about other good , albeit unknown others than I've seen expressed by any of those greedy , lying , evil , scheming , fucking , scum cunts that wank on about how WE are the ones to blame .

With the notable exception of Hone Harawira and he hates us just-as-fucked white cunts !

Some one ! Get this to Hone !

Tell all us poor white people that you love us too . I'm being fucking serious ! Get all us poor white bastards on your side . I talk to white people and a lot of them actually really like and admire what you do .

The poor and unemployed . The students . The workers . The emigrants and immigrants . We are to blame for NZ being raped and discarded so we're told . It's the fault of the poor and vulnerable that , that fat evil fucker bennett is making peoples lives horrible and fearful .

Pondering the behaviour of fuck-heads like brownlee and in so doing lending credence to his position as a Minister of the Crown is fanning the flames of mockery and that achieves nothing !

Let this sink in ! We have no Government ! No ! No ! We . Have . No . Government !

Personally , that scares the living shit out of me .

P.S. My apologies for the foul language . I should rise above it but it's in the blood .

At 30/10/12 3:11 pm, Blogger chritopha said...

well just another racist rant that helps in no way what ever but to be expected from poorly informed hate filled individuals but i wish you all the best in your years to come and im sure you will put them to good use helping your fellow mankind no matter what race or creed

At 30/10/12 3:20 pm, Blogger chritopha said...

countryboy seems very up tight about these important issues but its a pity he seems to be so uninformed and mayebe he should spend more time studying these topics indepth and with a bit of balance or is he just another racist bigot who likes to vent his anger online where he cant be challenged face to face in a meaningfull way RISE ABOVE IT BROTHER OR LOOK LIKE A FOOL peace be with you all

At 31/10/12 9:20 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ chritopha . Hahahahaha ! Boy ! That's rich coming from you .

At 31/10/12 11:58 am, Blogger Cartwright said...

I don't think it was a racist rant at all- I think it was a thoughtful cry of desperation by one individual - with very strong resonance to many of the current concerns and sentiment of a great many others.
Thank fuck someone's got it in their blood!!

cheers bro.

At 31/10/12 6:02 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Cartwright . Thanks . Great of you to take the time to defend my comments . I really appreciate that .

All of us normal human-beings , regardless of our skin colour , histories , hypocrisies or even prejudices are at grave risk and before we do anything else . Even before we address historical injustices we must stick together here and now first . We must find ways to get close enough to stick together . I was trying to say that Hone , despite his earlier outspoken self could do that . He has an opportunity to unite friend and foe , white and brown to fight for the common good . He has all the right ingredients to make a sound glue .

It's my view we Kiwis are under great threat of being further abused , enslaved and ignored and we urgently need action to curb that catastrophe before it's too late . Before your kids and your kids kids are further damaged , destroyed, made sick , suicided or imprisoned .
Like Hone , I understand that it's now too late for politeness and political correctness . It gets fucking ugly in the trenches when the bullets start to fly . ( I'm speaking metaphorically here . )
I posted a link here ( http://youtu.be/B0W9sSqeJnA ) to help alert and prepare those whom also might dare to speak out against a corrupt and vile regime of criminals and liars . It's their tactic to attack the dissenter . A tactic deployed by confederates to destroy good intentions and to dissipate group focus .
In other words , if you have something you have to say that comes from the heart and it's passionate enough to be noticed ...Beware ! They are watching and they are listening and 'They' are not your mates or your next door neighbours or the blokes you play footy with on Saturdays . They're the guardians of the 1 % ers .

@ chritopha . I truly do wish I was as articulate , as educated , as erudite , as supportive , as insightful , as brave , as empathetic , as aesthetic , as complete , as loving as you .

Sadly , that will be my failing but joyously ! They are your strengths and so for that I am happy .


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