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Friday, October 12, 2012

Hone arrested by Police

The despicable campaign of ethnic cleansing that Housing NZ has been quietly implementing in Glen Innes hasn't had the kind of media attention it deserves. Housing NZ are taking the homes of state tenants and physically moving them elsewhere to sell the land under the houses. State tenants are not allowed to think of the houses they live in as homes and if they are unlucky enough to try and live in a half decent suburb Glen Innes, too bad, they get kicked out back into the swamp.

This disgusting means of kicking out an entire class or people from suburbs Housing NZ think they can turn a buck from has been fought by MANA and John Minto right from the start, and last night Hone joined them on the frontline as he has a couple of times before, last night however the Police arrested Hone for being in a parked car that was blocking the truck that was attempting to remove the latest house.

When MANA aren't fighting state assets sales and water rights for all NZers, they are fighting for people on the every bottom of the heap like Sam Kahu whom the other political party's have walked away from.

Hone has been arrested for trying to stop Housing NZ from destroying state tenants homes in Glen Innes - when was the last time an MP got arrested fighting for the people? For those who have been wanting a political party to fight for them, they finally have a leader who is.

Right after Hone was freed from arrest, he was flying up North to have a bowl of soup with Sam Kahu who is ending his hunger strike now Paula Bennett has agreed to meet him. That's commitment.

We should all follow Hone's example and turn up to stop the Police when they try to take the next home.



At 12/10/12 12:16 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Absolutely outstanding ! Thank God for the New Zealand Police helping Hone Harawira . They've helped drive home the reality that only Harawira deserves our respect . He makes the rest of them look even more the lazy , greedy cowards they are . Kia Kaha Hone .

At 12/10/12 5:57 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

Yes Kia Kaha Mr Hone Harawira
...and the juxtaposition of a minister (or six) flagrantly lying and getting off serious accusations and major incompetence (at best) without further action or prosecution and that of a politician joining 'the people' in a protest and getting arrested shows something very telling about the culture that is developing in our governing bodies. Something that I hope will be rectified quickfast.

At 12/10/12 5:58 pm, Blogger fatty said...

crazy old Hone...he shouldn't be a politician.
Can you imagine what NZ would be like if he was PM?
We'd have people in warm houses, children being fed, and all cultures being respected.
Us Pakeha's would do it tough...we'd no longer have our privilege, and also have the burden of knowing more than one language. (I've met people who speak 2 languages, I can tell its ruined their lives).
Our justice system would also change so that prisons focused on rehabilitating people...who am I going to look down upon?
With Hone in power I might have to question my belief that as a white middle class male with social capital, I am superior to others.

At 12/10/12 6:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article is testament to how the MSM especially on TV is so censored today. Today’s media is so heavily influenced by right wing jive turkeys that there seems to be a deliberate attempt to keep the actions of MANA in their cause out of the public eye and hence reduce votes come election time.

We recall the difficulties MANA had in campaigning last election, Hone’s open letter against asset sales that made international news but didn’t get a look in here and the arrest of Sue Bradford and co recently in their protest at welfare reforms which, I recall never got at look in on TV.

When Hone uses the “N word” the TV news media are all over it. An example of how the media focuses bad press on Hone and MANA in a lame attempt to discredit them, however MANA’s noble activism just receives minimal or no press on the MSM’s radar.

MANA is a refreshing and hopeful movement for the disadvantaged who are growing in number, in a political landscape where democracy has become majority rule of cash over people in a two bucket of crap contest, one red the other blue, the blue one especially full. Last year’s record low voter turnout should be viewed as a boycott by eligible voters dissatisfied with the limp line up of parties and policies not Key’s deluded idea of public tacit approval of his cabinet of clowns.

As for the plight of Sam Kahu, it highlights the ugly unsavoury nature of this government. Makes me recall in Egypt before the revolution how many families were in such poverty they could not afford to buy bread, at least a despotic regime like Mubarak subsided bread for such families. Possibly without as much red tape as we find in the case of Mr Kahu which was draconian beyond belief. Says much for the standards of this government such red tape boarders on a policy of slow kill genocide.

The meeting of “Big Bennett” and Sam illustrates the insulting divide in this country, how someone with such an expansive waistline has authority to dictate policy that ignores the impoverished waistline of many noble souls.


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