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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Greg O'Connor and his ritualistic humiliation

I think it is an indictment on NZ society as a whole that the Police Association Commandant Greg O'Connor can describe an update report into the Police culture of sexism as a 'ritual humiliation' without public demands he resign.

Is sexism so accepted that the Police spokesperson can seriously use that language in light of the case that brought about the report?

No Greg, I don't think the report into the sado-maschistic pack rape culture of the NZ Police is a 'ritual humiliation', I think that's called being held to account you crypto-fascist.

I think what happened to Louise Nicholas was ritual humiliation.

I think what happened to the woman raped by Brad Shipton, Bob Schollum and three other men at Mt Maunganui in 1989 was ritual humiliation.

I think Louise Nicholas taking her case to court three times only to be denied justice when Shipton and Schollum were already in prison for the same type of ritual humiliation pack sex attack was a ritual humiliation.

I think the Rotorua woman who claimed she was kidnapped and raped by the three of them in 1984 knows about ritual humiliation.

I think Detective John Dewar committed a ritual humiliation by covering up for his Police mates

And to top it off Greg, I think the 10 women who testified at a secret forum against the Police culture of sexual misconduct who had the hearings recommendations for compensation turned down by John Key and his Cabinet, know more about ritual humiliation than you can conceive...

Police sex witnesses denied compensation
The Government has rejected a secret forum's recommendation that 10 women who alleged sexual misconduct by police officers get reparation. A letter obtained by The Dominion Post reveals the forum chairwoman, Wellington lawyer Rachael Brown, recommended that the Government pay "financial redress" for alleged misconduct by police officers. But the Cabinet has ignored the recommendation – angering women who spoke at the forum, including Donna Johnson, of Tauranga. Ms Johnson – who alleged convicted rapist and former Bay of Plenty detective Brad Shipton stalked her and forced her to perform oral sex – questioned why the Government bothered with the forum if its key recommendation was going to be ignored.

(Don't you love Finlayson's comment - "I know this decision will be disappointing. I hope that the opportunity to tell your story and be referred to additional services has been helpful," - yeah Chris, I'm sure they loved having to recount their sexual abuse at the hands of Police only to get no acknowledgement and completely ignored).

...I'm pretty sure the 300 women Dame Margaret Bazley identified as suffering from Police sexual misconduct who weren't able to take part in the secret forum feel they have suffered a ritual humiliation.

Not according to the Police Association dictionary.

According to Greg O'Connor, being held to account for those 300 women who were identified in Bazley's report is a ritual humiliation.

Outstanding Greg. What's your encore mate? Vomiting on the hungry for wasting Police time?



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