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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Government consultation over water as meaningless as WINZ kiosk security

The pretense of consultation with Maori over stealing their water has ended and the Government's 'screw you, lawyer up punk' response highlights what a shallow pretense it was.

Pakeha who are opposed to these flawed asset sales should rally around the treaty and stand firm with Maori as they are the only ones right now single handedly fighting this privatization agenda, and why is that agenda so repugnant? The ever brilliant Gordon Campbell... Let’s see….these partial asset sales involve selling down our stake in valuable assets in perpetuity, within a depressed market when the return to taxpayers is all but guaranteed to be poor, and when it is demonstrably cheaper to borrow the money to meet any pressing social and infrastructural needs. The selldowns will also mean higher power prices for everyone, in order to reward a relatively small number of investors, and to pay for the usual private sector inefficiencies, of outrageous remuneration and bonus packages.

How does this play out now? This will get to Court, it will be appealed all the way till Maori win and Key will use it as an excuse to go to the polls early on a platform to legislate back the water into State ownership while riding a wave of redneck knee jerks against Maori winning.

This all makes the Maori Party a political joke looking for a punchline. John Banks has more credibility on donation reforms than the Maori Party's strategy of 'sitting at the table' when John Key has privatized that table.



At 18/10/12 9:18 am, Blogger countryboy said...

That's a great photo . I'd like to see the day where Key is depicted in prison and a huge , tattooed brother is whispering sweetly " You've been a very rich boy Mr Key " .

At 18/10/12 5:38 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

It seems clear to me that National is selling State Owned Assets SOLELY to partially fill a STRUCTURAL budget deficit that they have apparently ZERO politically expedient economic solutions for (e.g. cutting health expenditure, the elephant in the room, to get us back on the road to anything remotely resembling fiscal responsibility). Selling NZ assets for this reason is obviously totally both a morally and logically bankrupt idea that is destined to not only NOT work, but exacerbate the deficit even further in the years to come for obvious reasons.
This Government's economic policy is simply terrible.


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