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Monday, October 01, 2012

From Close up to Closed Up: TVNZ current affairs to be sacrificed on the alter of 7pm lite entertainment

14 questions and a funeral

Oh God, what have we done? Paul Henry and Pippa Wetzell to replace Close Up at 7pm? The former cheerleader and former racist to front our main week night current affairs program? TVNZ say they want a 'lite entertainment' show instead? What the hell was Close Up? How many Happy Feet the penguin stories does management want?

Suddenly Mark Sainsbury is looking so much better isn't he? (I never thought I would ever write that line in my life).

If the answer is Paul Henry & Pippa Wetzell, was the question 'What else can TVNZ do to erode their decaying credibility'?

Why not get someone with real talent like Wallace Chapman to front the show?

Do we really want Channel 10s worn out non-rating re-tread?

How can a man who is so right wing even Australians dislike him host a current affairs show again? We all know what he'll do, he'll push it too far once again and make some jaw droppingly racist/sexist/homophobic comment and tell the rest of us that we need to get a sense of humor.

Is this really the new depths our public broadcaster has fallen to? 'The Redneck & the blonde bombshell at 7?'

Missing TVNZ7 yet?



At 1/10/12 12:41 pm, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

I might actually start watching TVNZ again if Paul and Pippa put the band back together.
Bring it on.

At 1/10/12 1:29 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Oh God ! Reading this gave me nervous diarrhea . ' Idiocracy ' Anyone ?


A few words of advice to all you intelligent , commonsensical , forward thinking people ... Heads down . Mouths shut . Eyes open . Watch your backs . Get out of debt . GPS your stash . Stand back . Move to a country town . Buy a dog . Watch the show . It's going to get fucking ugly . Pippa Wetzell . Blond bombshell ? Or blond landmine . When you step on her she explodes then you wake up in hospital with your intellect blown off .

I reckon we're fucked . Seriously . I think we've gone beyond a point of no return and the best thing to do now is take care of each other and let this dreadful , rotting thing die of natural causes . More than half my friends think jonky is lovely . I love those friends and I admire them for there various talents and skills . And yet , they think jonky is just so sweet and lovely and innocent and everything ! ( Oh Sigh ! )

At 1/10/12 1:31 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

By the way . Great posts Bomber and Tim . My blood pressure has seen me spouting from my orifices and I hove to go and look for the cat . I kicked it into the next door neighbours thinking about jonkys little testicles .

At 2/10/12 9:40 am, Blogger Arto said...

Another one of the thousands of Kiwis who didn't make it in Oz and came back home lol

At 3/10/12 7:42 am, Blogger MCA said...

I thought that dipshit was in australia! What is he doing back here!?


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