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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dear Big Tobacco - I disagree to agree on disagreeing

Dear Big Tobacco.

I disagree to agree on disagreeing. You have bombarded me with adverts in the hope to change my mind on plain packaging and i have come to some conclusions I thought I'd share with you.

1: You are not a bloody artist, you sell addictive cancer. Trying to pose as a 'creative' when you trade in misery and death suggests to me that you think I have the intellect of a brain dead coma patient.

2: Trying to spook me about Australian Laws being 'imposed' on NZers is misplaced jingoism as it makes me happy to see you getting knifed in both countries.

3: As for your 'Beer might be next' slippery slope argument. Good, I think the booze industry needs a bash as well.

The real fallacy in all of this is that Tobacco, like gambling and alcohol are trying to con us into believing that they are 'just another product', when nothing could be further from the truth. Tobacco is an industry built upon suffering, we accept the regulated market only because the alternative, an unregulated prohibition market would hand trillions to organized crime. As a society, we tolerate tobacco the way we tolerate pedophiles being released back into the community after serving their full sentence.

Tobacco is NOT just another product, they are a cancer that is to be isolated at all times and the only sound that should ever come from the industry is a gasping noise caused by the heavy hand of Government policy wrapped tight around their throat keeping them at near strangulation point at all times.

I'm not agreeing to disagree because you are fucking wrong and evil.

In closing, these adverts should be made to carry a warning: WARNING - the opinions expressed in this advert may cause you cancer.



At 25/10/12 10:09 pm, Blogger MCA said...

My Answer: CLASS B
illegal to sell
fuck 'em!
If you're that desperate try and grow your own but don't use it in public.

At 28/10/12 2:47 pm, Blogger Cole Durkee said...

Why are you even arguing with Big Tobacco? They've already proven themselves to be liars on numerous occasions and don't deserve any credibility.


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