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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Citizen A with Claudette Hauiti & Phoebe Fletcher

Citizen A with Claudette Hauiti & Phoebe Fletcher

Issue 1: In the wake of the Kim Dotcom fiasco - are we getting too close to Corporate Hollywood? Will free trade deals benefit our culture or Americas?

Issue 2: If the answer is youth wages - what was the question?

and Issue 3: Is quantitive easing as suggested by the Greens as crazy as John Key says they are?

Citizen A broadcasts 7pm Thursday Triangle TV



At 13/10/12 6:19 pm, Blogger fatty said...

Jeeze, Claudette Hauiti is a bit dumb isn't she? Tell her that stressing her position (I am Maori/woman/small owner/ blah blah blah) just makes her look ignorant in relation to the vile that spills from her mouth. Her position is always so subjective she comes across as out of touch. They don't represent Maori/women...they represent a privileged Maori/woman.

I liked her ignorant contradiction in relations to the EPMU job crisis meeting. Apparently the EPMU came in with the view of anti-national and saying the Govt was doing nothing. Instead, Claudette suggests they should be focusing on the non-creation of jobs.
Can Claudette explain what was the main critique of National form the EPMU? - it was the non-creation of jobs.
Her stupidity astounds me.

At 14/10/12 9:42 pm, Blogger paul scott said...

so far down the tube that trains don't go there


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