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Friday, October 05, 2012

And yet more Kim Dotcom revelations? Did the GCSB lie?

You must be kidding? News today that the GCSB may have lied about when they started spying on Kim Dotcom?

Suspicion over Dotcom net glitch
Kim Dotcom's internet connection was being diverted inside New Zealand weeks before the Government Communications Security Bureau says it started spying on him.

The Herald has obtained details showing Telecom engineers and staff at its technology services company Gen-I were investigating irregularities with his internet connection in November.

So the GCSB may have been spying on Kim Dotcom before they claim they were? The question still remains, how much of this information did the GCSB hand over to the NSA and the FBI. We know the FBI watched the raid live on GCSB TV, what else did we give them?

This entire thing stinks worse by every passing day.



At 5/10/12 9:41 am, Blogger DebsisDead said...

It's prolly important to keep two streams of data mining seperate here otherwise the thing become impossible to follow.
gcsb (betcha that name changes soon - spooks hate it when their organisational initials roll off everyone's tongue) was intercepting cellphone traffic in NZ and using the GPS data to keep track of where their protagonists were prior to the raids.
The interception of online data would have been different. It was probably done under the auspices of the echelon agreement and that is dodgy from the get go. Remember echelon has been constructed to get around the problem of letting governments spy on their citizens, by preventing the NZ govt from spying on us but permitting foreign governments (especially amerika and england aka USuk) to intercept kiwi data.
The amerikans likely had first dibs on dotcom's net traffic way before the NZ govt was indoctrinated into the op (do they still talk like that? haven't really had much to do with spooks fer a long time)

So the amerikans woulda had the info long before anyone else and if that is so it is the sort of information that will really stir the shit since echelon is about defence and there are all sorts of strictures in the 'agreement' to prevent foreign members using echelon to gain 'commercial' intelligence to get an economic advantage.
Spying on Dotcom's Megabizness via echelon would certainly fall into that category. The amerikans are suspected of this everywhere but there has never been much proof. Why oh why didn't we opt outta this shit back in the 80's?

Maybe Dotcom is beginning to line his sights up on the seppos, eh?

At 5/10/12 1:14 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

The talking heads on the MSM (including professors and lawyers no less, who SHOULD know better) keep saying this blatantly illegal spying issue will have no bearing on Kim's extradition hearing. WRONG. If the US's "evidence" against Dotcom was in any way whatsoever garnered via (or relies on) ILLEGAL operations here in NZ, it will be deemed inadmissible by the judge (assuming he isn't one of John Key's stooges, which I admit is entirely possible). My guess (assuming NZ hasn't been COMPLETELY corrupted by the US) is Dotcom walks away a free man (and rightfully so).


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