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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

All the things we need to believe from Key over GCSB and Hollywood trip

According to John Key - it's not one big conspiracy.


So the GCSB not telling Key that they were illegally spying on Dotcom, despite meeting Key 15 times is not a conspiracy?

Their decision not to inform Key of the largest FBI raid in NZ's history on a person who lives in Key's electorate is not a conspiracy?

Bill English signing paper work to keep the GCSB involvement secret and not telling Key is not a conspiracy?

Intelligence co-ordinator Roy Fergusson's claim today that he knew the spying was illegal, but he didn't tell Key is not a conspiracy?

The GCSB not knowing Kim was a resident despite him spending $500 000 on fireworks celebrating his residency is not a conspiracy?

The GCSB passing information through to the NSA through their echelon network at Waihopai spy base is not a conspiracy?

Key going to Hollywood to see the corporates who are behind the case against Kim Dotcom is not a conspiracy?

It's amazing how many things Key claims is not a conspiracy isn't it?

We should shit our pants that the only checks and balances supposedly protecting us from the intelligence apparatus making us a defacto Police State is a Prime Minister who has a 'see no GCSB, hear no GCSB, speak no GCSB' style of mismanagement and a retired Judge who can't remember reports, answers questions by referencing poetry with a budgeted staff of one.

But don't worry, it's just some people claiming it's a conspiracy.



At 2/10/12 9:18 am, Blogger countryboy said...

I have an idea . Lets ask the Crown . You know , our head of state in England .

Lets ask the Queen what she thinks of one of her sovereign countries being sold to a private company . A deal brokered by jonky . I wonder who got us ? Apple ? IBM ? Mac Donalds ?

QE 2 ! Help ! Help ! I don't need a hard-on or a plasti-burger . I want pre-1980's New Zealand / Aoteroa back . I want the days when I could leave my house and my car unlocked back . I want to read news . Not some abstract script for a horror movie . I want EVERYTHING FUCKING BACK !

Bomber was right about NZ in a previous post . We are a small country with a big ego .
We are a small country with the cleverly installed notion of a BIG ego . We Kiwis have all been convinced that NZ is a huge land of Global importance . Why is that ? Perhaps it's so as we erroneously believe we can go it alone without help . Without help , guidance and close scrutiny from our Head of Sate . The Queen .
So we're not some huge country of global importance as might be suggested by Murray MaCunty . We are who we are however . We are here . How unfortunate for us because we're clearly not wanted by our new owners . We're wide eyed hungry boat people washing up on Australian shores and don't get me wrong . I love Australia and I really like Australians but seriously . Compare our countries . There's no contest . Sorry Aussies . You do have lots of red sand and large , jumping mice though . OK , and most of New Zealand's working population .

Getting back on-topic ...
Jonky's in LA signing us over . It's that simple . Lets ask the Queen to revoke his citizenship just after he gets on the plane for back here . We could have the media waiting at NZ customs ! Sorry Mr Key . You're no longer a NZ citizen . Now , please return to your aircraft . Imagine the look on his face ! Oh ... Think of it .
( Sigh ! )

Royal commission of Inquiry please .

We need a temporary Whitehall selected government installed in Wellington while the inquiry is in progress .

Yes . I am writing from La La Land .

But what if I were not . What if my wish was granted and a flotilla of British war ships sailed into Wellington Harbour and arrested the entire inhabitants of Parliament pending an inquiry ?

What might they discover ?

Would they discover hard working , modestly paid humanists ...

( humanism |ˈ(h)yoōməˌnizəm|
an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.
• (often Humanism) a Renaissance cultural movement that turned away from medieval scholasticism and revived interest in ancient Greek and Roman thought.
• (among some contemporary writers) a system of thought criticized as being centered on the notion of the rational, autonomous self and ignoring the unintegrated and conditioned nature of the individual.)

... or greedy , lazy , lying , power-mad scum spending YOUR money working out ways to fuck YOU on the deal ?

At 2/10/12 1:50 pm, Blogger JonL said...

"Yes . I am writing from La La Land . "

Don't worry - you're not alone in that. The big worry for me is just turning my back on NZ and saying "Fuckit - you deserve what you've got, I'm staying over here and you fools can drown in your own maelstrom...."
Short of massive targeted political assasinations, what can anyone do? Most of my family living in NZ are aghast at what's going on and try to "edumacate" those they can about it (it's scary how many really haven't got a clue), but the level of apathy, or evenbland acceptance, is scary in itself........

At 3/10/12 11:34 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ JonL . ( Sorry Tumeke . Please bear with me . Part one of three . )
I wouldn't worry too much about leaving NZ and living in Australia . Australia is a great place and no one could blame you one bit . Life is short when viewed in cruel hindsight through the eyes of an old man . Or woman . Life is only about being happy . If you're happy , you have achieved great success because every other aspect of your life must have fallen nicely in to place .

My big worry is that I'm so bloody-minded , aggressive , arrogant and stubborn that I'll let my thirst for vengeance taint me acting in my own best interests . Therefore , here I am calling paula bennett a fat ,ugly hypocritical cunt and so placing myself at huge and real risk for that . In fact any dissenter ( http://youtu.be/B0W9sSqeJnA ) is at a very real risk of personal harm and / or financial ruin if evil eyes are focused for long enough . Besides , there are now new laws to allow gangsters representing criminals ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oHbwdNcHbc ) to enter your home without a warrant to spy and snoop . And they can have you locked away for up to twelve months without charge or conviction so I read here . These are dangerous times . Seriously . These are very dangerous times .

My advice to your aghast family , in my humble view , might be to study psychology . They don't need to get PhD's but they do need to read a little of Prof' Stanley Milgrams experiments and there are papers on mass psychological manipulation available on-line . Psychological mechanisms are being applied to us without warning . We're not alerted to the dangers of that and is done without our knowledge or consent . The most obvious example of that is advertising . Advertising crafted and applied during compatible TV programming to lure us into metaphorical places we had no intention of going . Wide screen TV ads placed during nature programs for example . That selling/ marketing/propaganda technique can also sell ideas , beliefs , can dampen dissent , and manipulate us into ignorant , fearful haters too . It can even make us leave our safe , plentiful home-lands and family's to try to get the better life than the one we could have in Paradise but for the few scum who make it intolerable .
It's my view that fucking jonky was sold to us and we bought him hook line and sinker without our even knowing . The labour party simply handed over the baton . They had no intention of winning that first fateful election that gave us jonky , bennett , collins , english , brownlee . Feeling sick yet ?
( Continued ...)

At 3/10/12 11:35 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ JonL .
two of three comments .
NZ apathy isn't a benign apathy born from simply being too comfortable , rich and well fed . Our apathy is born of a sense of futility and frustration honed by our Rulers making sure the middle class only just have enough to get by and no more while the working class are close to , or are at , poverty and so can't move around , holiday or picnic and find it almost impossible to socialize and notice that every year basic costs of living keep getting ratcheted up and so we become very easy to control therefore are unlikely to start rioting etc .

A poor albeit good person can't even grow free pot in his / her back yard for an afternoons peaceful ponderings with mates as opinions and ideas are hatched and mulled over . You'll get drug tested and lose your crappy job or the meager benefit . And I hear other psychologically manipulated souls out there saying ' Serves them right ! '

Poor you . You're just as head fucked as we are I hope you know . Drud testing serves no other purpose than to segregate us and control us . And a triple win for Them is it'll fill prisons and feed insurance criminals while the drug of your only choice will be the piss Mate .

Alcohol . It'll see us beat the missus , root your mates drunk girl friend , crash your car , fuck your life and the lives of others , make you sick and depressed but it'll be out of your system for when you to travel to your crappy , underpaid job the next day so you can pay for the Big Screen TV you borrowed Federal Reserve retailed money to buy that you liked so much when you watched David Attenborough about Tigers an' shit while pissed .

Good On YOU ! douglas meyers and ron brierly , you cunts ! Cemeteries are full of kids who enjoyed a bevvie or two of yours . You're the kind of Kiwis we all admire . Maaaaate ! Sweeet as aye Bro's ? How're your ghost souls Bro ? How's the lack of a conscience working out for ya ? Enjoying your millions of worthless dollars are ya ? Had your faces spat in lately ? Have one on me . ( Continued ...)

At 3/10/12 11:36 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ JonL . Three of three .
We live in a country that has vast resources of everything ! And I mean EVERYTHING ! We have the wealth of Space . Water . Food . Fuel . Climate . Gold . Coal . Electricity . Forests and brilliant , DIY-ish , creative people and yet we're constantly told there's no money for us for our retirement , our health , our kids , our old , our sick and our unemployed . We're constantly told that we need to find enough disposable income to buy outrageously expensive insurances though . Then the adds implore, cajole and threaten us to buy their ' product ' Fuck them !

We're harassed on our roads by cops with better things to do than simply instill fear and a sense of powerlessness in us . We're constantly and remorselessly bombarded with MSM generated fear ! And now workers have to wear those ludicrous fluro vests and every thing has to have a traffic cone beside it . One day soon when I'm fucking some lucky girl , some bastard wearing a fluro vest will come into my bedroom , drop a traffic cone at my bed end and put an orange flashing light on my arse . I'll have to get hard-on insurance in case of accidental eye pokings . My bedside cabinet will no longer contain porn , condoms , viagara , nurophen , a torch and a half read book . It'll also have a fluro vest , a traffic cone , a flashing light , a siren , welding goggles , leather gloves , a pair of pliers , a long , pointy stick , a defibrillator and the phone numbers of my lawyer and my insurance broker .

And a word to you fluro vest wearers . Take the fucking things off when you're not actually at a work . Have you no sense of style or taste ? You look fucking absurd and it just makes me want to run you down . How'd that be for irony ?

'Idiocracy' is here and now . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBvIweCIgwk

And finally ; Go here and do this . ( http://boingboing.net/2012/09/25/humanio.html#more-183337 ) There are more ways to assassinate politicians than by shooting the cunts . That'll just fuck ones life up . Play them at their own game . ' Edumacate yourself to their wily ways and get yourself an army ! Call yourself something zingy like ' The Ex Pat NZ Liberation Army ' Lets use peace , love , wit and intelligence to regain our beautiful NZ / Aotearoa by swinging the mindset away from the psychological attack that is the bizarre MSM ( All bought and paid for ) generated adoration of jonky-stien and his greedy ,lazy minions and don't forget ! The cops , the military and the other gangs hate jonky and his cronies as much as we do . Just sayin' that's all . Kia Kaha @ JonL .


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