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Monday, October 15, 2012

All heil the Young Nats

There's been a lot of buzz today about the Young Nats and Nazi salutes. They tried to take it off facebook, but...
 Ta, Vernon.

I know the Nats are at least Nazi-esque at times, but the old seig heil raised arm surely denotes a more comfortable accomodation with the far right than many would have thought.

John Key's relatives were murdered by the Nazis - I wonder what he would have made of this gesture?  Then again if Joseph Ratzinger can become Pope after being a Hitler Youth, then anything's possible. Future Prime Minister?


At 15/10/12 4:42 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Typical of the younger generation; stupid twunts don't even know that you salute with the right hand - or arm, in the case of the Hitlergru├č.

At 15/10/12 5:16 pm, Blogger Nick Taylor said...

He might have just been raising his arm to say hi, and been caught mid-gesture.

At 15/10/12 6:34 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

They look more like Young Twats off to trounce the oiks . Blue frock'd and blush of cheek ! Freaky !

At 15/10/12 7:19 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

said 9/10/12 10:09 AM: From now on, mention of Zimbabwe is the same as equating National's policies to Nazism: instant point loss for the debater.

Apparently at least one of the young National voters disagree with you there. Point loss?

At 17/10/12 10:19 am, Blogger caleb said...

All youths were automatically enrolled in the Hitler Youth. Jurgen Habermas, philosopher and champion of participatory democracy, was a more active member than the now-pope.

Also, my two cents on the Seig Heil picture is that the responsibility lies mostly with that guy - the Young Nats are bad but they don't go anywhere as far as Nazi philosophy or salutes.

The Young Nats' error is that whoever uploaded the photo didn't notice it or didn't realise its significance. But the more significant error is allowing such a person to be a member (or at least a ball attendee) and presumably not realising that he was likely to do such a thing until he did it (well, until quite a bit after he did it, when people commented on the photo).


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