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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


More on the Young Nats ball pic from yesterday:
Stuff, Today in Politics:
Bloggers have ball with Nazi comparison
John Key did his usual posing for cameras with Young Nats at their ball in Auckland, kissing cheeks and smiling for all the world like he meant it. But picture posts gave the usual suspects a chance to poke the borax.
Some implied a young man, with arm held high, was making a dubious salute. Blogger Russell Brown came to his "defence", saying it was not a "sieg heil" – though why the man deserved to be called a "douche" by the Media3 host is anyone's guess.
NZ Listener:
Facebook photos of Saturday night’s Young Nats Ball - view them in their full splendid glory here - started gaining wide attention this afternoon with the circulation of an image featuring what interepreted as an offensive gesture. That photograph has since been deleted. (Update: Following a conversation with a family member of the young man featured, I’ve removed the image, and I’m happy to apologise for any distress it might have caused him.)


So it was all a misunderstanding? A doucheful one nonetheless according to Russell Brown.

The problem with the internet and the speed at which things take place is that before any response can be made the young man's rep and that of the Young Nats has taken a shit shower.

Well, it looks like what it looks like - regardless of whether it was intentional or not - and people will use it to mock them...


At 16/10/12 1:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, it was all a simple innocent misunderstanding and we are brutish deluded monsters for questioning the obvious comparison to a Nazi salute.

How about a more comprehensive explanation of exactly what this Young Natzi twat was doing to appear as such in the photo? Those who were responsible for taking or uploading the picture should have had better judgement anyway.

Considering this fiasco I would say it illustrates the ugly nature of many of these young twats; well to do privileged egotistical parasitic shitlings, sticking their snotty stouts in the trough at an early age in anticipation for giving the majority of us the royal fuck job in future. One remembers these types from school/ college; racist, malcontented, unempathetic ignoramuses. Those responsible for these images being taken and uploaded would have belonged to this category, so smug and sure of themselves and their ugly fascist beliefs they had the audacity to expose it to the world as a symbol of pride.

The actions of this government which has been proficient in plummeting many into hardship and then insulting them, is a clear display of what kind of role models they are for their party youth wing. Those youths who belong to such an organisation must clearly sympathise.

As far as I'm concerned, a picture says a thousand words.

At 16/10/12 8:12 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Ah yes . But we need dissenters no matter how loopy . http://youtu.be/B0W9sSqeJnA

Otherwise , how are you going to recognize the real wee beasties whom have always been an historical problem for us Kiwis which is why people get disillusioned and complacent and thus can't be arsed to vote hence this bunch of crazy , greedy , otherwise unemployable fucking idiots ? Silly little Nat Youth Nit . He was doomed just for his association to the Old Nationals never mind the weak kneed , half arsed salute to the Fuhrer from a sitting position in a comfy chair Hahaha ! . After all , just look at them . Give me a break . Would you want to be associated with jonky , Big Bulging Bennett , Creepy Crusher Collins , Boomer Brownlee , English The Elf ? These heady days are so bizarre ...! I hold my breath as it all unravels . We're in free-fall on a level that would make Felix Baumgartner blanch with envy .

At 17/10/12 12:55 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Whatwe often forget though is that there is now an entire generation of so-called priviledged trickled-up yoof (now supposedly functioning adults) that have known nothing else.
It's not confined to the Nats either....after all, there's a Pagani or two - out of touch Labour Party advisors that have done JUST as much damage. Thankfully, Labour are just (only now) starting to realise it.
It's all a bit like pushing shit uphill really.
Give 'em enough rope though, and they'll usually hang themselves. Jonky is beginning to realise that - to the extent that he can only try and lie his way out of it (pointless exercise though - it all catches up in the end, and time is his only friend).
Don't be too harsh on Russell though - after all he's just another middle class munter hob-nobbing with an in-crowd possessed of a left wing ideology, trying his best to be fair and balanced within the realms of HIS daily experiences. It's just a shame he thinks he's more 'in touch' than he actually is. Ditto a heap of others.
Be thankful for SMALL mercies (such as Russell).


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