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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A dagger in the vagina vs NZ Police perjury: 50 shades of double standards?

I want to compare two cases of perjury. The first is a prostitute who perjured herself against serial sex offender Stephen Karl Collie. She claimed Collie had entered her vagina with a knife, but she lied about seeking medical attention.

Collie took a private prosecution after his conviction in 1993 of a large number of offences against seven sex workers. His violence against women was well documented, but with money and time on his hands, he succeeded in highlighting the prostitutes differing testimony to cut 3 years off his sentence.

So what happened to the prostitute who claims the violence was done, but had falsely backed her statement up with the claim of seeking medical attention because she feared her history of drug use and prostitution would damage her credibility as a witness?

She received 9 months imprisonment for that perjury.

The second case of perjury I want to compare that sentence to is the current example of the NZ Police lying under oath about the role of the GCSB.

In a farce beyond belief, the Police are investigating themselves to see if the illegal favour they asked the GCSB to perform for them was a bad thing to do. I think we can all bet that the Police will find nothing.

A prostitute desperate to highlight the offending of a serial sex offender with a record for violence towards women who lies about seeking medical attention for a terribly personal wound gets 9 months.

I wonder what a Police Officer lying about the GCSB involvement would get for perjury?

The double standards seem grim.



At 9/10/12 10:01 am, Blogger Frank said...

"I wonder what a Police Officer lying about the GCSB involvement would get for perjury? "

If we are running an office pool, put me down for $100 on no penalty for the Police Officer, and another $100 that he will be promoted up the career ladder within a year.

At 9/10/12 12:34 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Let me introduce you to our new Masters . Everything makes sense to me now .



At 9/10/12 2:39 pm, Blogger MCA said...

The term for lying on oath by Police is known as "verbally" I understand it is an inhouse term.


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