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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

What happens next on asset sales?

Isn't a month a long time in politics? Compare Key's insulting language from the beginning of July to his 'good faith' drenched comments now in regards to Maori rights over water.

Key began by opposing the Maori Council claim, then he attacked the mana of the Tribunal, then he said he would ignore them and he ended by demanding the Tribunal report back in a hurry.

All of this from the man claiming Maori were being opportunistic. It is extraordinary what white people in this country will claim is free when they are trying to take it.

Key isn't the only one who has had a change of tune, the mainstream media have as well. At the beginning Key had to calm nervous investors by stating he could ignore the Tribunal. That stance had the benefit of rallying the rump and Key's 'no one owns the water' mantra was quickly held up by baby boomer pundits with as beige a view of ownership rights as the Government's.

After the un-costed loyalty sweetener for the 5% of Mum and Dad's rich enough to buy up our assets, Tracy Watkin asserted that the 'heat had been taken out of asset sales fire'. The mere concept that Key's precious privatization agenda may be delayed was as inconceivable as a meteor hitting the earth and this lack of a Maori perspective in the mainstream media news rooms had led to a simple adoption of the Government's interests rather than critically challenge that narrative.

That early lack of insight has been forgotten with another round of pundit cheering from John Armstrong this week who seems to equate John Key on par with strategic geniuses like Sun Tzu and Hannibal.

Brian Gaynor has broken down the economic market stresses that are forcing the valuation lower on every single asset, while each delay strengthens the chances of the referendum next year to rob Key of his 'mandate' claim.

So where are things headed now? The 5 weeks put aside by the Government to look like they are acting in good faith to limit legal challenges isn't worth jack if the outcome still breaches the Treaty. The Government desperately want to play divide and rule tactics with corporate Iwi and claim that is good faith, what they will actually get is a self created Pan Maori 5 week hui that will shadow the official one and at the end of that process, the Maori Council will then lodge Court action. Armstrong's claim that the Maori Council should shut up or put up sounds like the Herald's chief political reporter is channeling Steven Joyce, the Maori Council will move when it is in their interests and not a second before.

The 5 week pretense of good faith will be met with a legal challenge, and it will be then that we see if Key is for turning over asset sales.

Allowing the legal challenge to go ahead will only generate more uncertainty, cutting it off by legislating over the top will cost them the Maori Party, which direction will Key take? Well, this is a Government driven by polls. They decided via polls to stop Finlayson's negotiations with Tuhoe, they decided via polls to attack the media over the tea pot tapes and their polling will be telling them large swathes of Shire Volk think this is Maaaaaaaaaori tryin to steal the water.

Will National turn to race baiting, burn the Maori Party off by forcing asset sales through via legislation over water ownership and rely on Banks and Dunne to pass legislation for the rest of the term?

That is the real drama here.



At 5/9/12 11:08 am, Blogger Unknown said...

Can't disagree with yer assertation that John Key and his cronies are trying to divide the opposition to the asset sales by creating a 'maori are trying to rob you' meme, but I have to pull you up once again on yer critique of Armstrong's 5 para hagiographies of jonkey being caused by Armstrong's 'baby boomer' thinking.

The most important thing to know about Armstrong is that he is a foreigner who refused to take out NZ citizenship when it was offered, and despite that the Herald retains him as it's 'chief political editor'.
The man refuses to commit to the country whose political system he claims to 'objectively analyse' every day. My guess is that he hopes to get a job back 'ome in Fleet St one day and he knows that englanders wouldn't be so accomodating about accepting a foreigner as their political commentator.

This is the real story about NZ. When narrow minded kiwis walk down Dominion Road and claim to be overwhelmed by the people of Chinese and sub-continental heritage, they need to consider that for every obvious foreigner who offends them so deeply there are more than two 'closet foreigners'; whitefella immigrants primarily from england and the former apartheid state of South Africa. Walk through Albany or Northcote and listen. There is a big difference too that goes past the whitefella migrants ability to 'blend in'.
The Dominion Rd migrants don't tend to get a look in to NZ's established economy. In the main those migrants create their own jobs and jobs for others because they aren't as accepted into middle class employment and they aren't mad about coming all the way here just to be a shit kicker.

Not so for the John Armstrong ilk. They can get jobs in NZ's media, in local and central government and their special prefferred niche, the over-paid and underworked state tertiary education sector where they can happily 'administrate' whilst launching into Alf Garnett diatribes about 'Kiwi bludgers'.

There is another difference between the Chinese and Indian heritage immigrants and the closet arrivistes. The former take up NZ citizenship at a far greater rate than the closet arrivistes. They commit to this culture and society, unlike the arrivistes many of whom flatly refuse to become a kiwi.
They are happy to take kiwi jobs or gazump young kiwis outta houses, they love picking up kiwi super which many qualify for on arrival, unlike other migrants who have to have resided here for at least 10 years before they can even apply for super. Yet when it comes to actually committing to NZ -that's not for them. It's not unusual to find english migrants who came here under the assisted passage programs of the 1960's who still won't take out NZ citizenship. They will take the super payment though.

Do as I have and go along to a few NZ First anti- Maori meetings to listen to the diatribes against the first New Zealanders and you'll hear the sounds of London, Manchester, Capetown and Scunthorpe more often that you'll hear 'fush n chups'.

So many people who have no insight or knowledge of Tangata Whenua's relationship with Aotearoa have oozed into important opinion making positions in our society. Thatcherite stormtroopers, Botha bovver boys and Blairite scumsuckers.

So enough of the ageist claptrap get out there and see who is really driving NZ onto the rocks in the hope they can grab a bit of loot from the wreckage.

At 5/9/12 11:41 am, Blogger Jasper said...

I think the stupid middle class need to give themselves an upper cut for this mess! SO BUGGA HAVING A REFERENDUMB(s) LETS HAVE AN ELECTION! – Now all we have to do is convince the nation that we need an election before then or around about the same time in March - June 2013. Vote PinoKeyo in if you want Our Assets sold or vote him out because we don’t want him! Easy really aye?

At 5/9/12 11:42 am, Blogger Jasper said...

I think the stupid middle class need to give themselves an upper cut for this mess!

SO BUGGA HAVING A REFERENDUMB LETS HAVE AN ELECTION! – Now all we have to do is convince the nation that we need an election before then or around about the same time. Vote PinoKeyo in if you want Our Assets sold or vote him out because we don’t want him! Easy really aye?


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