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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Granny Herald becomes The Granny Herald in a mini skirt

For all the praise being heaped on the Herald, it's the same old bennie bashing, anti-Maori, right wing Granny it's always been, she's just in a new mini skirt.

Deborah Hill-Cone as a new columnist? If I want to know what right wing clowns are thinking, I can tune into talkback radio. The 'new look' is another totally missed opportunity to bring some new voices into the public debate.

The problem for newspapers is the same as TV, their ratings system is built upon bullshit. You pay $20 000 for a full page advert believing that a million people will see it, when you move from the newspaper to online, those make believe ratings systems fall hard on their arse because on-line can measure with efficient cruelty. Suddenly those 'million views' equate to maybe a hundred, which immediately provokes the question, 'why the hell am I paying $20 000'?

Paywalls are all fine and dandy, but it cuts the mass influence that newspapers trade on leaving them with less influence meaning less power.

Just cause Granny is showing more leg doesn't mean you want to see it.



At 10/9/12 12:10 pm, Blogger Jasper said...

One positive undeniable fact is; readership & viewership for TV & the Herald is declining, rapidly. People ain't buy'n their bullshit anymore!

At 10/9/12 1:16 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

A tabloid Granny... 'the Tranny'?

At 10/9/12 2:08 pm, Blogger Arto said...

Its great to see the herald in its death throes!

At 10/9/12 5:29 pm, Blogger OneLifeLiveIt said...

The Herald needs to change a few other things like allow proper community. All of the comments are heavily moderated. I bought the new Herald today and I like the format as it is easier to manage and in keeping with the likes of the Guardian and ipaper in Europe. I certainly wouldn't pay $20k for a full page ad in it.

At 11/9/12 11:06 am, Blogger Tim said...

so who is surrised? Really! (oh.... perhaps a former Labour Party strategist.

Just as an aside.... Why is there NOT more interest in the new proposed legislation relating to asylum seekers - especially when its about to damage NZ's reputation even further?

We're expected to believe that changes to legislation are because "illegals"; "boat people"; "queue jumpers" and any other demonic term is necessary because "intelligence tells us that they are an imminent threat".

A boat person illegal queue jumper is going to add an additional 5000km supposedly to seek asylum (something, btw that he/she is lawfully entitled to do) when he doesn;t have to.

Let's ALSO not beat around the bush.
jonky and joolya discussed the problem not too many weeks ago!

Already the Nauru/Manus Is./etc "intake" is overwhelming.

NO........ the real reason - go on..... have a guess MSM!

And.......though it's not politically correct to say so....but perhaps joolya having just lost a father, and cognisant of how she might be feeling could well reflect on thousands of others at the moment! What makes her so special? You tell me jonky wonky muff-likking, cock-likking, whatever-it-takes onky.


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