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Monday, September 17, 2012

The final act for ACT and John Banks

The Police report into how much the ACT leader really knew about his so called anonymous donations makes a mockery of John Banks who is making a mockery of the electoral law which is making a mockery of John Key backing Banks up because he needs ACTs one vote making a mockery of MMP.

That's an awful lot of mockery.

That bitter burnt shit flavor in the mouths of Epsom voters in the wake of the Banks-Dotcom donations scandal isn't exactly the taste of democracy is it?

ACTs last chance is to throw a curve ball in as leader beyond the political zombie corpse they've dug up in the form of Banks. Cathy Odgers or Jordan Williams are their last chance to rally enough new blood voters to remain 2% relevant.

National could sack Banks and push for an easy by-election win, but with the necessity to legislate over the top of any Supreme Court ruling burning the Maori Party off looming, would they kill ACT when they might need the potential of their votes in 2014?

ACTs self inflicted mutilation makes for an argument of compulsory euthanasia.



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