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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

So TVNZ could have saved TVNZ7 then?

TVNZ profit jumps by $12m
Television New Zealand will pay an $11.3 million dividend to its government shareholder after the state-owned enterprise's profit jumped from $2.1m in 2011 to $14.2m for the 2012 financial year.

Cough - cough. So TVNZ could have afforded running TVNZ7 without taking any more money from the tax payer then?



At 4/9/12 10:19 am, Blogger Tim said...

I'm not sure why anyone is surprised by this. Senior TVNZ execs in their lovely little positions of comfort feeding on their own egos would actually love to see the thing privatised. I'm not sure some in the SAVE TVNZ7 campaign had realised that even though its an entity I wholeheartedly support. Its the nature of a corporatised public service generally whereby CEOs run departments, ministries and even SOE's/Crown Entities like they're their own little feifdoms and underling public servants operate the system IN SPITE of their CEOs rather than BECAUSE of them.
Cast your mind back to when all the 'reforms' began in the 1980's - we're were promised greater accountability, better economic management and all the associated buzz-phrases. Then go through the list since! It doesn't matter whether its immigration, social welfare, ACC, transport or whatever. You'll find they all go against public expectations and its not usually the Joe Blog public servants themselves usually. It's become cultural.

At 4/9/12 10:28 am, Blogger Tim said...

Oh...P.S. The big thing we were promised during the Douglas/Prebble et al era was that the reforms would eliminate political interference. PLAINLY that's not true!
It's simply provided MPs with convenient excuses from time to time (a la "I can't interfere in operational matters" - unless of course there are judicial decisions to me made whereby ministers make decisions that actually should be made by the Judiciary).
As others have pointed out -FASCISM should better be termed CORPORATISM - i.e. especially when its associated with functions of government.


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