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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Poor King Gerry is sick of moaning Christchurch

Poor King Gerry, it's all a bit hard eh...

"Who will rid me of these troublesome moaners?", burped King Gerry.

"I'm not sure they like being referred to as 'moaners'", Chancellor Joyce offered.

"ENOUGH", roared King Gerry. "These little shits, they're always bitching about earthquake this, earthquake that. I'm trying to privatize all their assets with disaster capitalism shock doctrine tactics and where's my thank you? Where's the gratitude for me? I've just conned the people of a natural disaster zone to implement far right education charter schools before the stunned community can even respond. Where's my bouquet of flowers?"

"The trials and tribulations of power", Chancellor Joyce dryly commented.

"Well I'm sick of it" screamed King Gerry. "Look at all these Facebook comments from these haters, they buggerise around on Facebook all day..."

"How does one buggerise around on Facebook?" interrupted Chancellor Joyce.

"I'm not sure, my assistant does my updates, I haven't worked out the fax yet. But they all do it, buggerise around on Facebook. I must have a word with Paula Bennett and have bludgers disqualified if they test positive for drugs, have an arrest warrant or open a social media account".

He's King Gerry the Hate, he is he is.



At 16/9/12 9:54 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Great post Bomber . Very funny . It would be hysterical if it were not so close to the truth of it . The first earthquake in September shook the be-jesus out of a city already in societal trouble . The cancerous poorer areas were spreading as could be seen in a rapid increase in non-art , pro-anger graffiti . You know the kind of graffiti ? Scrawls and swirls from wanna-be gang bangers . Visual scent marks by kids who can't write much less spell . Kids born into poverty .

After the February earthquake two friends of mine living very near New Brighton had to abandon their home and leave all their belongings floating in shit , silt and stagnant water . Thieves quickly spotted an opportunity and took everything not rendered useless . Clothes , knickers , shoes , tools , kitchen things , pictures , ornaments .

The myth that is the 'community spirit' is just that . It's a myth . It's media hype . It's bullshit . It was dog eat dog in those poorer areas and it's where poverty lies , it's what the media doesn't find sexy and big Gazza needs to ignore to ensure his political longevity .

The Media goes all Ooh ! and Ahh ! when someone sows wildflowers on an empty section but when the already poverty stricken and deeply worried start eating each other alive they look the other way . ( Am I speaking metaphorically ? Am I ? )

Big Gazza's about money . His reputation is that of a thug and a bully . What do you expect from this bulbous meat pack ?

A 5 mil paper church is superb satire of the strife that some people find themselves in . They're cold , hungry , mentally and physically exhausted , have to walk miles to shit and yet those poor Godless bastards have an expensive , temporary place to worship the very God whom , it could be argued has turned his / her / it's back on them ! Classic !

Big Gazza reckons that throwing money at fiends like inner city Slum Lords ( And their developer friends ) will sort things out . Not to throw money at the common man and woman first . Not the dirty , lazy , career-bennie ( Stupid Claudette Hauiti . ) Not the creatures who like to own a big TV ? For shame !

Speaking of Big Gazza . Does he know that you can buy a tool for the bum wiping for the morbidly obese ? It's a long handled thing that can hold a wipes worth of paper with a quick release function . Just trying to be helpful Gazza .I was just thinking of you . That's all .

My new super hero .

For all you people who couldn't be arsed to vote so we end up with these awful people .

' The price of freedom is eternal vigilance . '
This interview with Auldus Huxley is simply brilliant .

At 16/9/12 2:23 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

These people are supposed to be professionals.

Mr Brownlee's job is to deal with a natural disaster and this includes all the frustration and human emotions that arise in response to that.

If he can't manage that, then someone else should take over.
Apparently he, or his advisors can't even stop reading comments on facebook! This would be a good start.

These are professionals?

At 16/9/12 3:18 pm, Blogger Tim said...

These buggers really are utter dolts!
Like the U.S. wondering why the rest of the world isn't that happy with them. They don't actually get it!...and it's doubtful they ever will. Yet - WATCH them squeel like pigs when (or should I say AS) it all turns to shit. They're supposedly intelligent ffs! As I've said elsewhere before - they're actually not that bright: they survoive on ideology and animal cunning (much like a fox - or even a shit-house rat in search of a drainpipe does).
I'd love our MSM to ask Gerry, or Pulla, or jonky, or Hekia, or one or two others - "What is your definition of fascism?" The current regime actually ticks all the boxes but for some reason - despite many having fought a WW against it - it hasn;t actually yet dawned on people. Maybe it's because of their becoming used to political correctness or rather incorrectness - but IF EVER there was an example of a fascist regime - we have it - whether its the denigration of various minorities, to the confusion of public and private functions to the suspension of democratic processes in favour of those that think they know best.

At 16/9/12 4:16 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...


...Yeah I agree with your comments too...

The question still resounds why the hell are people voting for these creatures??

And would someone PLEASE get the message across to those who DON"T vote that they are complicit in allowing whoever gets into Government getting into government by not voting. i.e these idiots. PLEASE!!!

Its not as though there are not now a variety of parties, and thus policies to vote for.

At 16/9/12 8:34 pm, Blogger MCA said...

Welcome to social and economic collapse Countryboy. Christchurch (the poorer part especially) is being washed away like Randy Newman sang of Louisiana.

Nice work Bomber!


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