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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Paula Bennett and her latest 'we have to burn the child in poverty to save the child in poverty' policy

Ummmm - how will slashing benefits of parents who don't enroll their kids into early education programmes help those children? Have we really gotten to 'we have to burn the child in poverty to save the child in poverty' rationales have we?

Paula Bennett's latest round of bennie bashing by blaming the parents for child poverty is so 19th Century, that we would punish the child for the sins of the parent is medieval social policy.

The gleeful spite of this full blown beneficiary pogrom will doom an entire generation into long term poverty devoid of any hope because of a Great Recession none of them had any hand in making.

We've seen the social impacts of this before, during the Mother of all Budgets welfare cuts, our suicide rates tripled to the shameful OECD levels they are today, we know that when we push communities to the edge that there is a terrible social cost borne because we've lived out that history in the 1990's.

The Government are sowing poisoned fields while their Cabinet Ministers sleep on soft sheets. The 99% have never had so much reason to despise the 1% with as much contempt as the 1% practice upon the 99%.



At 12/9/12 8:29 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Oh God . I knew I shouldn't have come here . I should have just stayed in my head pondering another coffee . I should have clung to my mornings lingering dreams .

Instead I read this post .

Now , I wonder if my latent fury will give me cancer .

On Youtube I saw a little dog wedge itself between a fence it was trying to scale and a convenient lamp post . It wriggled and climbed between the lamp post and the fence using it's own body as a fulcrum to get up and over .

I saw a cat trying to get from one window to the next in a high-rise tenement building . It did this by leaping out to ricochet of a veranda post and landing where it needed to be next door .

Last night on TV I saw a Tern solving the problem of it's eggs being over heated by the sun . It flew out to sea and wet it's chest feathers then flew back to it's nest to dampen down it's egg . It understood the thermal dynamics of evaporation .

My three carp know their names . Mr Smith spits at me of I forget to feed him/her when I walk past . Blossom floats while madly beating her little fins as he/she glares at me with mad staring eyes . Colin sulks behind the water filter but he/ she is so big he/she is impossible not to notice .

And yet the humans of New Zealand are completely lost for an idea about what to do about these creatures who torment us and deprive us and damage us beyond repair .

My answer is Flash Mob the fuckers where ever you see one of them . Don't give them a moments peace . Make sure bennett can never show her gristly arse chunks in public without being challenged . Every hour on the hour call an MP . Write ten emails a day then send them every ten minutes . Post letters and demand that they pay attention .

How can we create an accessible mass media kind of social network of direct action mechanisms that we can access the instant we see one of them out and about in their arse massaging BMW's ?

Most importantly , who's up for the job ?

At 12/9/12 9:59 pm, Blogger Tim said...

.....yep -she's truly a fucking horror story to behold aye countryboy! Watch your back - or she'll have some services to 'wrap around' you. And they accused the last regime of being Nearnie Stoit!
Let's hope its not those arse chunks. I couldn't think of a worse way of dying.
At the moment, I'm not thinking OZ. I'm thinking India or Kenya. I'm watching Parliament atm - people ACTUALLY voted for these supposed beings with human intelligence ffs! It's a fucking circus!

At 12/9/12 10:06 pm, Blogger Phil said...

Seems we can feed the poor school kids of NZ for about $4 million a year, and the Government refuses to listen. Labour are pretty clueless too. Oh well .... build more jails and employ more police.

At 13/9/12 2:01 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Tim . Oh Yes . And this circus isn't funny , it isn't clever and the show will cost you more to leave than to get in . The clowns are boring at best and evil at worst , the animals are either sick , dying or have been taken off to the freezer. The only decent act is the Illusionist ' Latta the Luminous ! Ta Da ! better known for his worrying perversion for capitalizing on broadcasting how he can squirm his way into the minds of dangerous criminals ( and fuckin' you and I too make no mistake ! ) and make a decent living from that . He walks out into center ring dressed in the loudest fluro orange clothing wearing a flame red wig and holding two burning flares as the spot-lights blaze down on him . Amazed , we all watch ! The Ads are running ! The lost souls are encaserated ! Then he says with a nasal squeak and without moving . " I'm now invisible ! ' and we all go " Oh my God ! Where'd he go ?

After parading his vile penchant for showing how clever he is at the expense of non people , Latta The Luminous suddenly runs screaming from the ring after one of the flares has set fire to his nylon novelty wig and we still can't 'see' the fucker for who , what and why he is much less understand the ' advice to the gubbamint he'd been given an Order of Merit for .

It's my fervent yet humble opinion that to fully understand our political system in all it's dark machinations we must first understand ourselves . What is 'it' that means that 'we' do nothing to reign 'them' in ? After all . Have any of us actually seen a terminally unemployed or sick malingerer or simply some poor bugger that's just down on their luck after some shitty event in their lives beyond their control has rendered them incapable of functioning within the parameters of what they tell us is normality ? You have ? How did they look to you ? Did they look fat, slick and fancy like paula or judith ? Did they wobble with sanctimonious and arrogant selfishness like brownlee ? No ? Did they look poorly dressed , depressed and lost ? Did they have teeth missing ? ( Which is always tremendous for ones self image ) Were they giggling while eating fine dinning ? Sipping on a Chablis ? No ? Were their arses tingling from a recent massaging ? Did they have half a gram of coke stuck up a nostril ? Did they just come back from a Fact Finder in Shanghai with cock-burn and a trolly full of duty-free gin ?
No I didn't think so .
The Answers to with-out lies with-in .


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