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Friday, September 07, 2012

Pagani gone - A chance for Shearer?

As broken on Tumeke yesterday, Pagani has gone. The step to the right within Labour has been halted, a tactical reassessment under way and factions anxiously eyeing the next couple of polls.

If they dip or stagnate, the decision to change the caucus trigger point will be impossible to resist at conference in November, if they lift, the Party will align behind Shearer and focus on the election.

What happens now is crucial, Labour need to have a new policy direction stamped out loud and clear with ideological vision that appeals to NZers better angels and Shearer needs to start articulating it like he means it.

With Pagani gone, if David Shearer wants it, now is his chance.



At 7/9/12 8:34 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Does this mean "From the left.....Josie Pagani, and from the right.....Mathew Hooten...." is a thing of the past on RNZ Nine to Noon?
mmmm Never mind - I can still have a laugh at Jim after lunch trying to be everyone's best friend with fair and balanced analysis and commentary.

At 8/9/12 11:15 am, Blogger Drongo said...

There's unfortunately still a whole big bunch left in Labour who'd be way more at home in the National Party. Just look at what Hipkins said the other day about beneficiaries with arrest warrants? You have to remember where the likes of Hipkins and Robertson came from. They got there more through blips of history rather than any real concern for the poorest or most vulnerable. In the case of Hipkins and Robertson if we had a Labour government throughout the 1990s they'd now be National MPs. Where most Labour MPS came from and how they got there is reflected in how they don't understand or don't care. In most cases probably both. Compare their beliefs and motives for being in politics with, for example, any Green MP. They're vastly different. I will never vote for Labour again, ever.

At 9/9/12 6:11 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

So the scapegoat has gone and whatshisname rolls out his first ersatz left policy and it is . . . .drumroll baduhbaduh baduh baduh Craash! free food in schools.
A policy which would make any real lefty hang her/his head in shame.
Once again whatshisname shows no real understanding of what humanism is much less how policies must ensure dignity along with survival.

Whatshisname just wants to put a kinder face on his neoliberal greed is good beliefs. . . so he plans to drip feed tucker to the children of NZ's ever increasing pool of impoverished citizens.
Just enough to keep them alive and maybe even sufficient for the really desperate, & incredibly able to hope to become wage fodder for those slavering with cupidity corporations. All eager to exploit the best that NZ has to offer, paid with a song and a pat on the head.

These sort of programs only last until the numbers become too big to sustain. If whatshisname had launced some bold new stragey to promote job growtrh and real income growth and then offered up this 'free food for the urchins' program as a stopgap measure designed to run only until the main policy platforms gained traction -then maybe he would have come up with something worthy.
Alms for the poor is just an a piss weak attempt to put an acceptable face on unacceptable 21st century corporate capitalism. A band aid on the infection that doesn't treat the symptoms much less cure the disease, it just makes child poverty less obvious.


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