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Monday, September 03, 2012

NZ is an alcoholic in denial - the booze industry win again

This Government has utterly failed NZ over alcohol reform by doing nothing at all to prevent the social harm it creates or reign in the power of the booze industry.

The National Government spent so much political capital building the myth of the politically correct nanny state that they are now too terrified to implement any social policy for fear of awakening their favourite bogeyman in the minds of sleepy hobbits who will rear up on their hind legs at socialist social policy limiting their 'freedoms'.

Pushing ahead to allow our drink-driving limit to remain one of the highest in the world so that National's core constituency of old rich white men can continue to drive drunk legally at a cost of 33 lives and $238 million is certainly commitment to the Nanny State cultural myth, but Jesus wept, even Mao had his limits.

We should have pushed the purchase age up to 20, cracked down on advertising and get booze out of supermarkets, not because young people are irresponsible, but because adults have been irresponsible with liquor liberalization.

We are in denial about our national alcoholism and allowing the industry to 'self-regulate' is like offering condoms as a protection from knife attacks.



At 3/9/12 4:11 pm, Blogger frances jane said...

Bomber, that's a great pic of the keyster!! all that time and money wasted on the irrelevance of an "alcohol regulation" which didn't happen- what a time waster!! Just like the gay marriage thing- another time wasting distraction!! It is a SCANDAL that in a country of 6mil odd sheep and vatfuls of milk children go without food (proper food not that $1 bread & noodles stuff) and shoes & socks. Where are the jobs?? If there were school lunches in every school (like most civilised countries)there would be LUNCH LADIES ...meaning people with jobs!! Oh the novelty!! (LUNCH DUDES too, ok?) If the wool off the sheep got made into yarn and socks and stuff like that those kiddies feet would be warm and they could learn better. George Monbiot said
about our priorities, it's being echoed here- billion dollar roading projects over the next few years- are we mad??
I totally agree with you, adults enabled this booze culture, adults must take responsibility. If $60k plus p.a. doesn't cover that sort of ability, something just doesn't add.

At 3/9/12 5:05 pm, Blogger frances jane said...

& by the way, Bomber, are you okay? I mean, NZ music month finished over 3 months ago, I do worry sometimes...
this robot thing gets to us all at times...having said that I gotta say your blog is the most informative and laugh provoking on the block and the comments hit it too: @countryboy @Deb
Anyway, luck in the future :)

At 3/9/12 10:11 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Schmitchim etchim, smoil in wave, goan forwid, mum in dead vestas, ooooo jonkey, ssssirjonkey, luft ear game, punchin buv ear wait, deepist simpthy, poik riva, efffgen Stan, who me too gay?: zilliners loik qualty... see ya later, Oim nechril leeda....sssijonky, goan forwid, free meeerkat.
Truly an Emperor with no clothes, and a very, very ugly one at that!
I'm waiting for the Reality TV show in a decade or so...exclusive to Skoi TV.

At 3/9/12 10:31 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Actually the Nats shouldn't feel too bad when it all ends in a pile of shit...many a man has been conned by a used car salesman or a Nik Leeson. All that amazes me is how a guy of very average intellect manages to con such a heap of people on the basis of an "ecosystem based on buzzwords".
Labour though will be feeling very very bad when they realise they shudda cudda wudda woken up earlier - were it not for those bloody Paganis. Damn!
What short memories we seem to have, Most swallowed all that shite about Jonky struggling with a mum in a state house. Sure he might have done all that trip, BUT as did many many others. They didn't QUITE have the advantage though of John (or for that matter his mum).


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