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Friday, September 28, 2012

No one believes you John Key - The GCSB knew spying on Dotcom was illegal

Oh pa-leeeeeeeese. Are we honestly going to believe this 'apology' by John Key? How come yesterday Government sources are saying that the Government weren't too worried by what was going to be revealed and hours later it's all 'I'm sorry'?

Does any NZer honestly believe that the GCSB didn't know that Kim Dotcom was a NZ resident? Of course they knew, the paper work shown to date are simply the excuses and the white wash hurriedly put together to hand over to an angry public.

The real questions here are who originally asked the GCSB to start spying on Dotcom and when did the surveillance start?

This entire case against Dotcom has been instigated by the Americans and corporate Hollywood, do anyone of us believe that they wouldn't just tell the GCSB to spy on Dotcom? The NSA consider the GCSB an extension to their intelligence department through the echelon network they run out of the spy base in Waihopai,

Is Key in control of the intelligence apparatus of our country?

Did the GCSB start spying on Dotcom because they were asked by the Americans?

Did the GCSB pass anything along to the NSA?

How could the GCSB meet with Key 15 times and not mention to him once the largest FBI operation in our country's history on our soil in his electorate?

This isn't a train wreck. It's a train wreck that's crashed into a kindergarden while showering a retirement village in glass.

No one can believe the GCSB didn't know spying on Dotcom was illegal. This simply isn't good enough and simply apologizing for getting caught isn't a response worthy of the position of Prime Minister.

Our intelligence community has just been caught out illegally spying on a resident for the American's all under the very nose of the PM. 'Sorry' doesn't cut the mustard.

Will this desire by our Police force and intelligence agencies to throw NZ law aside for American interests damage Murray McCully's attempt at getting NZ a chair at the UN?

Can NZ seriously claim to be independent after this fiasco?



At 28/9/12 7:24 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Hang on , hang on ... I don't know much . I'm not that bright either . And I'm old and becoming infirm and by that I mean the bits or me that should be firm ... are usually not .
So please forgive me if I get things wrong or if I've missed something here .

Kim Dotcom ( Oh please ! ) gave john banks 50 k . To help him get elected . Ok .

John Banks asked Kim.Dot.Com. to split the 50 k to 2x 25k donations so as John Banks could be excused for not declaring such donations and Kim.Dot.Com. obliged . Ok .

Kim Dotcom pinches the work of creative artists and resells them for a profit and the world thinks that's just jim dandy . Ok .

Isn't the only reason for Kim.Dot.Com being able to be a NZ resident as opposed to say a Phillipino fishing guy is his money . Money he got selling work he didn't do ?

So , the common ground that ties banks to Dot.Com. is that they're both liars and crooks ? Just askin' ,

I must be ancient because I found that if I go into a store and openly steal things or if I take bribes while in public office I may get arrested and have unkind things said to me and done to me . Call me old fashioned . Ok .

john banks is the tattered thread that holds National to it's cliff edge . Ok .

Our Governor General was the boss at the GCSB and is an army man and knew about the GCSB who knows secret things and who' went in ' on Kim . Dot . Com . Ok .

Bill english , on behalf of the G.G AND the GCSB AND Jonky-stien AND by proxy john banks thus by proxy Kim.Dot.Com signed off the OK to the NZ cops working in kahoots with the FBI to raid the very guy who had been donating money to banks to keep jonky-stien in power ???? The alarming thing is that I'm so dumb I can't work that out .

Here's what I think . If it could be called thinking .
It's a scam to normalize the GCSB invading our lives and our way of life to sanitize our country before the invasion of the Uber Riche ahead of a middle east shit fight between Israel aka USA and Iran . There , I've said it . Worse still , I've written it .

Even if I'm terribly , terminally fucked
I smell a big ,fat ,greasy ,radioactive rat .

Ok . Gentle reader . You're probably thinking I'm paranoid , even psychotic but look closely at who we are and where we are . Where would you rather be ? La da de da ?

At 28/9/12 8:13 pm, Blogger Tim said...

I was just thinking (as I do occasionally) that one or two GCSB 'staffers' could make a LOT of money simply by telling the truth!

To questions posed (for example): NO, YES, YES, "Don't know, OR "we don't comment on operational matters"; OR "can't remember - we don't tend to write these sorts of things down" : OR......

It'd actually be quite funny if it weren't SO frikken embarrassing from the point of view of how the rest of the intelligent world see it all.
These are people appear to be equipped with an attitude that gives them the self-assurance that says they're really clever - YET I sincerely hope they're also aware that in certain spaces they're actually quite vulnerable.

Still........what they probably need is a highly paid consultant to do a report rather than rely on one or two that have an ability to see the bleeding obvious. The former apparently provides legitimacy - especially the really expensive reports.

At 29/9/12 12:51 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...


I wouldn't be so very embarrassed re the way the rest of the "intelligent world" views all this.

Last time I looked, they were way further down this path of lying, cheating, swindling and doing what the f*k they want. So long as they have the cash for the lawyers to talk their way around it. (And it appears so much is condoned these days, lawyers are no longer always needed.)

And it appears that for all the intelligent millions of souls in this world either no one has noticed this state of affairs or no one is standing up to it.

Unless of course you acknowledge the world-wide movement that occurred late last year. Yet I appear to recall that was shut down because it was more important to a whole lot of people across continents that they

"Keep off the grass and get a job"

...than it was to address any issue we have with regard to our system or sense of fairness breaking down.

Yeah, so if any intelligent person anywhere notices what a lying shambles our government is, the only real result of that is a good thing. Awareness raising They might start to see similar qualities in their own government; being just as full of bull.

And perhaps the next time a mass movement of discontent is being expressed more people might realize that there are some things more important than the public square's grass remaining intact.

At 29/9/12 1:00 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...


Yes! I have noticed a serious paradox in this whole fiasco too!

Like why was Mr Dotcom giving so much $$ to such a right-wing moron in the first place. Doesn't really tally with the urban-hero figure he has now developed, nor with his apparent intelligence.

I understand that clients may be told to get public support on their side when litigation is occurring and I daresay moves such as going to a Stop the Asset Sales march was a very effective move in this direction. Yet hardly tallys with his support of Mr Rightwing.

I continue to enjoy the astute criticism of the Government that Mr Dotcom is providing us with and on mainstream news as well! Brilliant and enjoyable.

Yet I am very glad to read someone expressing misgivings because there are things that really don't add up and it is always good to keep a little alert to mass manipulation; so easy when fame starts to take hold.

"I smell a big ,fat ,greasy ,radioactive rat ."

Yip agree.

At 29/9/12 2:51 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Obviously you missed the lesson that "sharing is caring". Kim Dotcom allowed us to share our data: music, Hollywood movies, TV shows that will never air in NZ (or screen in 3 years late), and all manner of porn. How exactly is that "bad"? Yes, for true, a bunch of Hollywood fat cats didn't get as big a bonus as they expected, and some might even have had to cancel their Lear Jet order (or settle on a lower model) and only have a shitty 10 crew yacht instead of the 20 crew one they had their eye on, and that 5th Beverly mansion is now simply out of reach - yes that's very sad, very wrong, and we must all weep for them. Or not.
Last time I checked (and this was before Kim Dotcom was shut down BTW), the entertainment industry was doing very, very well for itself. Funny that.

At 29/9/12 10:42 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Just what would Helen Clark think of John Key? Not much I would imagine.

At 30/9/12 9:30 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Thanks @ Blueleapordthinks . I don't feel quite so crazy now . I was listening to a person who'd written a book about the invasion of Normandy on D-Day on RNZ the other day . He wrote about the extraordinary lengths British Intelligence went to , to keep the place and date of the invasion a deep secret . As did the Germans , to find out when and where . There was a cast of thousands . Hundreds of spies were dispatched to spread misinformation , deception and lies to confuse respective enemies . Spies defected , double crossed and murdered each other and yet they pulled it off . They never had cell phones , social websites or the internet . They had frocks and / or moustaches , cigarettes , coffee and note books . Our enemy of today has vast and sofisticated resources and they wield it at a psychologically antheitised population who suspect something is up and are fearful of that but can't quite recognize the enemy . It's the job of dissenters like us to bravely tread where no sane person would go . ( http://youtu.be/B0W9sSqeJnA )

@ Nitrium . I agree with most of what you write and I did miss the ' sharing and caring ' lessons . I realize that when I severely criticize .Kim.Dot.Com. I skate on thin , hypocritical.ice.com. and I worry terribly that I may have .Kim.Dot.Com. all wrong @madhouse.org.com .

I like what you write however , so I go here with the greatest trepidation .

.Kim.Dot.Com. does have a full sized statue of a rhinoceros on the front lawn of his massive mansion though . Clearly , his concept of sharing and caring comes at a price . Is that price at the expense of others ? And when an artist goes to a conventional producer is there not a contract signed on behalf of the artist under the guidance of a cadre of lawyers ? I admit , people do get fucked on the deal from time to time but does even the attempt at a legally binding deal exist between .Kim.Dot.Com. and the work of others he pimps to the public he charges fees to ? No . I don't think there is . Otherwise , would he have that Rhino ? Would he have that shotty and the big Vroom Vroom ? Would he be rubbing shoulders with that vile little cunt banks ? Would he be living in New Zealand ? How was he able to discredit the GCSB and make our cops look like big tits ? Who set that up ?
Woops , sorry . I feel my bile rising to a boiling rant .

Being an artist is a funny old thing . If you love what you do and you do it well , people expect you to do it for nothing . But when they collect the artists work , it suddenly becomes priceless ?

.Kim.Dot.Com. is providing a public service ? Of course he is . Ask banksy . He was slipped $50k by .Kim.Dot.Com. and he was quite public about that wasn't he . Nice cup of tea ? You little shit .

For all you dissenters and others who feel fearful and helpless and emigrating isn't an option , go here ;


At 30/9/12 2:07 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Hollywood (and the entertianment industry in general) need to wake up, and realise their antiquated business model is experiencing death by a thousand cuts, regardless of Kim Dotcom.
Don't get me wrong tho. Kim is certainly no hero. He is just barely better than the entertainment moguls he is ultimately making his money from. He did give a sweet fireworks display tho (not that I saw it) and donated "a significant sum" to the Christchurch earthquake fund - that's giving more back to the community than any Hollywood A-lister that I know of that's for sure (I'm looking at you Peter Jackson!).

At 1/10/12 10:18 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Nitrium . Yes , although we're straying off-topic here it's an interesting debate . .Kim.Dot.Com. is an eccentric fellow , no denying that . And it is society's responsibility to embrace it's eccentrics and of course it's fine to lend out your sheet music , wax tubes , records , tapes , cd's , hard drives , pen drives and pass words to your cloud files . But where does the line between generosity and sharing in ones good fortunes to be able to do these wondrous things start and a Creative person not being arsed making their work public because it'll just get pinched and profited from by the likes of the .Kim.Dot.Com.Com'rs stop ? Our country already has a serious aesthetic deficit because art for arts sake just doesn't roll a buck over anymore . Ask any artist what gallery's charge , for example .

Music and Film is art . Making money from transporting music and film without the express permission of the artist or the artists agent is not . You know . Art . That's taking advantage of an opportunity . That's being entrepreneurial . Capitalistic is it not ?

I work in the film industry as a freelancer sometimes and I know how hard those guys work . My roll involves getting on set as early as 4.00 am and leaving set as late as 11.00pm seven days a week sometimes .

Grips , gaffers , camera crew , sound crew , art department etc have massive investments in gear and are hugely trained and qualified people but who are only as good as their last job and jobs are not thick on the ground let me tell you . Directors are extremely talented people and are not as well paid as you might think . Heads of Departments are under serious pressure to keep the whips cracking and face scary deadlines and if something goes wrong it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a day . Producers have enormous financial responsibilities and it's no wonder wrap party's are legendary for their excesses as people wind down and relax although these days , the times of an open credit card on the bar are long gone .

The bizarre thing about .Kim.Dot.Com. is perhaps that he's presented the planet with an entirely new and unique conundrum and the authorities have no real idea of what to do about him other than whack at him with a big stick . As you would a snake in the grass . Give it a poke with a stick .

My personal belief if that the whole affair is a sham designed to twist a situation around into someones favour and as usual , thanks to our crop of dodgy politicians , we Kiwis will be left with the shitty end of the whacking stick .

And re Peter Jackson . Yeah , but look at what he's achieved with the brilliant Costa Botes ' Forgotten Silver ' was brilliant and Jacksons own ' Meet The Feebles ' Iconic and remarkable work of it's genre .

I know where you're coming from though @ Nitrium . Keep it up .


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