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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Maori & Unions: a unique NZ solution

Economist Brian Easton has pointed out in his essay reviewing the 30 year history of neo-liberalism in NZ that the left have to create an alternative economic argument that goes beyond the rights failed free market systems.

He argues that we have to come up with unique NZ solutions to our economic malaise and the new relationship forged yesterday between the union movement and Maoridom at the historic CTU/Iwi Relationship Hui is, I think, a very unique NZ solution that has the potential to reinvigorate unionism and empower Maori at the same time.

The speed with which Tallys/Affco folded the second Iwi became involved and threatened them with starting up their own meat works was one of the victories for workers this year. That Tallys/Affco would use hunger against the 5000 children impacted by that lockout/strike reminded Iwi that their whanau were the ones on the front line.

The challenge for Maoridom is to redefine capitalism. If Maori Capitalism is just as venal as Pakeha Capitalism, then nothing has been gained, but if they redefine it so that the people are the value, then NZ will be a far better nation for the effort.

People's hero and CTU Vice President Syd Keepa is a great man with the mana and intellect to make this new relationship dynamic enough to make an impact. The 200 Iwi and Unionists who filled the hui in Tauranga yesterday was testament that this has the potential to redefine unionism for the economic challenges confronting the country.



At 20/9/12 9:36 am, Blogger countryboy said...

As a White middle aged ex Southland Farmer I should be more Right than a warp in space / time that transcends every parallel Universe that exists on the Right .

While not wanting to seem bombastic , the reason I'm not , I must confess is that I've lost everything my parents and I had worked for to thirty years of fascist neo liberalism which led me down a path of examination and dissection of our banking system , our legal system , our political system and have studied how that series of symbiotic relationships has affected us financially , psychologically and culturally and based on what I've learned I agree with virtually everything you've written here .

There's a deep and unimaginably empty moral vacuum out there in our politics and when I look into that abyss I see nothing but the abyss looking back .

Everyone in New Zealand should thank their lucky stars that we have Maori whanau to lead the way out of this frankly horrible nightmare .

The most comforting thing I can see now is that the mangy old tom cat's out of it's neo liberal bag . NZ people et al are not going to be so easily fooled this time round. My only hope is that the architects of this dreadful fiasco don't get clean away with it . They've made their millions don't forget . They've created their personal wealth at our children's futures expense . We're the laughing stock of the OECD's because of them . We have a crippled infrastructure because of them . Our society's in tatters and is filling prisons at an alarming rate because of them . We can't just say 'Oh well , never mind ' and just move on . I want closure and I want vengeance . After all , isn't that what our prison system is all about . How's your sleeping patterns The Honourable and Mighty SIR Roger Douglas , Knight Bachelor and Labour Party MP of Finance . If (or if there's a God 'when ' ) you get caught , you could spend the rest of your life in prison . But don't you worry about that . I'm sure there will be a big Maori guy or two in there with you who's lives you've destroyed to keep you company .

At 20/9/12 1:52 pm, Blogger JonL said...

"Everyone in New Zealand should thank their lucky stars that we have Maori whanau to lead the way out of this frankly horrible nightmare " I agree, but, my fear is the neo libs exploiting the old "F*ckin lazy Maaris are trying to take all your stuff off you", which seems to wind up those who don't actually think, a treat!....playing the race card, us and them!
" NZ people et al are not going to be so easily fooled this time round." - if only I had your confidence........I refer back to the Milgram experiment on this and just shake my head.........

At 20/9/12 6:49 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ JonL . Yes , I understand what you're saying .

I admit . I'm desperately trying to garner what little hope I can out of this catastrophic governments bizarre and divisive ,terrorist activities against us . I'm truly hoping they become so outrageous they ' out ' themselves and get chased out of town .
The internet will be of great importance to those thinkers and doers out there to spread their enlightenment so to speak . Prof Milgram had no such worries but I admit ; The neo liberals are very sneaky at delivering their poisons into our hearts and minds .

' The price of freedom is constant vigilance . '

Maori have their Whanau and / or Iwi and within that there's their Hapu or political structure ( I hope I've got that right . )

All nicely connected , well established , highly respected and well attended to by Maori people and we non Maori should envy , and learn from that .

We non Maori ( and many Maori of course )have the TV . The pub . A few hardy souls outside our immediate family we only see at Christmas if we're lucky ( Or not ) . Our deregulated workplaces where we're forced to compete for hours instead of co-operating with one another for security and peace of mind .The great unemployed and unemployable non-place or void is not somewhere where anarchy and it's deployment is hatched so no worries there for The Scum . We have churches ( hahahahaha ! ) and we have fuck all else .

What is it about us non Maori that we have that's even remotely like the social connectedness of Maori ? Nothing ! Not a fucking thing ! It's little wonder then that those neo liberal scum keep needling us [ Maori and non Maori ] into face-offs and conflict .

It should be beyond obvious when jonky-stien whines in his inimitable nasal sneerings about how water can't be owned and the only ones saying it can be is them Marries for example . That's not being a graceful and enlightened politician trying to unite all New Zealander's against the coming economic apocalypse . He's deliberately causing friction and allowing friction to be caused where there should be co-operation and joy . Therefore , the little shit has an ulterior motive . What's the bet it's simply to divide us up and make billions for himself and his mates . Honestly , I think it may be that simple . That's what certainly happened in the Eighties .

But remember ; that was before the Net , before Social Networking , before Tumeke . You and I would not have had this discourse before now . We fellow Tumeke followers would have almost certainly not known about one another much less be so able to communicate . The Net is relatively new , in rude good health and getting stronger by the day .

Spread the word and show no fear . And there's nothing wrong with head shaking . It shows you're involved .


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