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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Key's hypocrisy over Banks

Does everyone remember Key attacking Helen Clark for not asking Winston about donations when he won't ask Banks about donations?

For the love of God, SkyCity gave John Banks their donation personally to him in a SkyCity-branded envelope - how does he keep a straight face when he claims it was anonymous?

John Key's 'Hear no Banks, see no Banks, speak no Banks' routine is as farcical as John Banks' 'Hear no Kim Dotcom, see no Kim Dotcom, speak no Kim Dotcom' routine.

If a tree donates to John Banks in the forest, did it happen?

Key is holding onto Banks because he needs his one vote in Parliament, but his hypocrisy not to ask questions when he damned Helen Clark for not doing so with Winston in 2008 is septic politics.



At 18/9/12 2:44 pm, Blogger Alex said...

Not many people like Len Brown, but I'm sure all Aucklanders can be glad they dodged a bullet when Banks lost that race.

At 18/9/12 10:24 pm, Blogger Phil said...

What bullet! Banks was the mayor of Auckland -twice. Aucklanders got hit twice, and he promoted the Supercity. Gottcha thrice Auckland.


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