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Thursday, September 06, 2012

I'm no monarchist, but...

I'm no monarchist, but. When the Maori King says, 'Oi, hui at my place, we need to have a sit down over water rights', you go have a hui at his place for a sit down over water rights, because he's the Maori King. You don't shrug your shoulders like a spoilt little brat being asked to do something he doesn't wanna with a 'nuh'.

Key's response to the invitation put out by the Moari King to discuss this vitally important issue is the exact same contempt he showed the original Maori Council claim, the exact same contempt he showed by attacking the mana of the Tribunal, the exact same contempt he showed by stating he could ignore them, the exact same contempt he showed when he told them to hurry up with their report.

In fact, the only constant here has been Key's utter contempt to engage. This latest slap in the face to Maoridom by not turning up when the Maori King asks however, is beneath the position of the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister of NZ must be inclusive, and never exclusive. Even if he disagrees with what they have to say, he has to listen. That's the job, that's what we pay him for, that's the responsibility of the position.

Key's contempt for that engagement helps explain why inequality is at an historic high and there are 270 000 kids in poverty. The Prime Minister is as disconnected from reality as Fashion Week is.



At 6/9/12 9:23 am, Blogger EagleWarrior said...

In reference to the photo - it sickens me to see he says 'little league big news in NZ' The only fucken way it's big news is because he said he was going to it instead of the soldiers memorials. Any other time the baseball tournament would have gone unnoticed in NZ!!!

At 6/9/12 9:25 am, Blogger Kingi said...

Totally agree. Its absolutely shameful, but depressingly true to form. And Maori Party, where are you?

At 6/9/12 6:40 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

The Prime Mincer isn't disconnected from reality . He has more than fifty million that says he doesn't need to give a fuck .


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