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Sunday, September 16, 2012

How does Matthew Hooton sleep at night?

Matthew Hooton: Moral Shepard of the right & architect of the Death Star.

Anyone watching Q&A this morning would have asked themselves, "how does Matthew Hooton sleep at night"? Week in, week out Hooton goes up against Josie Pagani on Radio NZ and week in, week out he thrashes her senseless.

Where's the glory and honour in bashing Joise Pagani to near death each week? It's like boxing against a disabled child, how and why RNZ classify Josie as left wing is a question in itself, but to allow this grievous bodily harm to occur week after week is bordering on sadism.

As Labour scramble to re-orintate in the wake of the utter failure of the Pagani Doctrine, perhaps media need to review their commentator line up so that they remain relevant.



At 16/9/12 8:25 pm, Blogger MCA said...

Put someone up who can give him a hiding!
He often gets free reign on Monday mornings too at RNZN.


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