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Monday, September 10, 2012

Climate skeptics give skepticism a bad name

Sceptics lose fight against Niwa temperature data
A group of global warming sceptics has lost a bid to have temperatures collected by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa), declared invalid.

They are not 'climate skeptics' they are climate deniers who refuse to accept that man made pollution is warming the planet so that the impetus to change consumer culture capitalism is blunted.

The massive amounts of money polluters spend to fund quack science and climate denial front groups is well documented, they use the exact same tactics of big tobacco to question the science behind the claims to seed enough doubt in the publics mind to hold the status quo.

Man made pollution is causing the planet to warm in a way never seen naturally induced in the billions of years of Earths existence, and the NZ right wing bloggers like Farrar, Keeping Stock and Slater have done all they can to muddy the debate are proven wrong again and again...

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The right wing denial campaign holds hands with this Government in stymying the debate and shutting down any real legislative progress to transform the NZ economy into a sustainable one.

This is a Government who wanted to denigrate conservation land with mining based on lobbyist valuations that were a joke using a false Eden Park analogy.

This is a Government who dumped 100% pure as a tourism brand to water down the criticism that we are environmental hypocrites.

This is a Government who stole the water rights from South Islanders so that they could hand over more water rights to Farmers who pollute and filthy our clean streams.

This is a Government who want to privatize our state assets so that they can take the money from assets we collectively own and hand it over to the Dairy industry for MORE irrigation for MORE cows for MORE pollution.

Man made pollution is warming the planet dangerously towards a tipping point which could crash our collective civilization, of that there is zero doubt, yet a report put out by Greenpeace shows how one of the largest secret corporations in America, Koch Industries, is spending tens of millions on inaccurate and misleading information regarding climate change.

Koch Industries funded 20 organizations central to the global media echo chamber that was Climategate.

Yet despite the lies from the right and the right wing blogosphere in NZ, the science keeps showing us that global warming is happening and we can link now the terrible floods in Australia and Brazil and snow storms in Europe to global warming.

The right wing have managed to pollute the debate so that inaction is the only result, we need to wake up to the reality that the hyper consumer culture and the neoliberal financial structure it relied on is not just bankrupt literally, it is no longer sustainable beyond the constraints of the biosphere.

Having these climate deniers knocked back in the Niwa case is a great start to recapturing the debate.



At 10/9/12 9:46 am, Blogger Mat Brady said...

The good news however (which I'm surprised you didn't mention) is that the most "credible" of these climate change deniers, Professor Richard Muller, recently completed a three-year study (funded by the same Koch Bros in your story) that has completely turned Richard around. He now says not only is climate change real, and urgent, but that humans are the greatest factor in the cause of it. So... WHENEVER you see skeptic /denier /cynic spewing their ignorant bile they like to dress up as facts ALWAYS bring up Professor Richard Muller's Koch Brother-funded climate change epiphany. They hate that.


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