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Friday, September 14, 2012

Citizen A with Claudette Hauiti & Phoebe Fletcher

Citizen A with Claudette Hauiti & Phoebe Fletcher

Issue 1: Feeding kids at school - everyone seems to want to do it except the Government - who is responsible for hungry children - the parent or the State?

Issue 2: Latest round of beneficiary cut backs now look to punish the child for the sins of the parent - has Paula Bennett gone too far or will she go further?

and Issue 3: Maori meet to hui over water today, is the Prime Minister listening?

Citizen A broadcasts 7pm Thursday Triangle TV



At 15/9/12 10:38 am, Blogger countryboy said...

You go Phoebe ! Dear old Claudette is babbling the same dull Right Wing rhetoric and the brilliant Phoebe heads her off every time .
It always makes me squirm when politicians talk ' charity ' , ' personal responsibility ' , ' community ' and talk as though the ' State ' is somehow different or separate to the people . ( Which it is currently ) We people ARE the State . The State are simply administrators . That's all . It's us who are this democracy , not fucking them .

I really am suspicious of the terminology used here . As for Claudette Hauiti wading knee deep through her Maori-ness . It smacked of disingenuous rhetoric and made me feel annoyed and uncomfortable for Maori people watching . ( ??? )

Why did this show make my skin crawl ?

And I want to say one last thing about the concept of ' Charity ' . The peddling of the concept of ' Charity ' should worry us all . It implies that if you don't give , they don't get . It also says , certainly to me , that you'd best get used to the idea of ' Charity ' because the State , Our State will progressively pull the plug on all kinds of funding so give it up for the people , people . It's a kind of ' Flick em a dollar as we head to the restaurant . ' That's not what New Zealand is about ! So fuck off Hauiti ... God ! Now I'm pissed off . I need a cup of tea and a wee lie down .


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