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Monday, September 17, 2012

Can Hekia Pararta touch anything in education without it exploding?

Hekia Parata entering a Teachers Union meeting last week

National are destroying the schools in Christchurch that the earthquakes didn't take. After the larger classroom fiasco and charter school debacle, how on earth did anyone allow Hekia to sow public panic and fear as a communication strategy?

Is there anything that Hekia Parata can touch in education that won't burst into a fireball of public fury?

She's the anti-Midas.

These changes in Christchurch are disaster capitalism shock doctrine tactics. Privatize the schools, privatize the City assets and privatize the water for the benefit of farmers all the while a stunned community reels in shock, too stunned to respond to the blitzkrieg of change.



At 17/9/12 8:14 am, Blogger countryboy said...

A blitzkrieg of change here as a war looms in the Middle East between Israel and Iran . Is there a connection ? Am I insane to think so ? Ohh ! Look at the wee birdy ! And it aint the blue bird of fuckin' happiness . More a molting old rooster with worms and not in a good way .

Parata has that unnerving smile . The Cheshire Cat comes to mind . She's just a career politician being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to deliver bad news to helpless people . She's on a sweet deal man . When she smiles kittens and puppies die .

Just this morning I saw phlegm in a suit or Jonky being flirted with by Rawdon Christie who I swear was about to slip Key his phone number . I didn't see the Frill Necked Lizard but I'm sure I heard her bones rattling . Jonky was wearing a golden tie ! A golden tie ! ? Oh My God . Great images of a flaming Parata and of Banks Hahaha !

At 17/9/12 11:09 am, Blogger Joce said...

Problem for Hekia is that her secretary of Ed. Is an import from Mother England, who was publicly over heard asking Who is Beeby?

At 17/9/12 8:26 pm, Blogger Tim said...

(Joce)...have a listen to her being interviewed the other morning on RNZ by the lady with isssyooos too if you can find the podcast. (NinetoNoon last Friday from memory). There goes the sound of a woman struggling and quite obviously out of her depth.


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