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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beneficiaries cost us $78 Billion and other ghost stories

Yawn. So benefits will cost us $78 billion over the lifetime of the beneficiary will they? It cost $800 000 to write this report and comes from a slush fund of a billion dollars that National have used to pay consultants out of.

How much more will National cost us in consultants over the lifetime of beneficiaries?

Why isn't that a question?

This $78 Billion is supposed to fill the public with disgust and greenlight the vast new changes about to be announced in welfare next week.

The Government have been fluffing talkback land with beneficiary bash after beneficiary bash to prepare them for the seismic shift about to be announced, the Government will pass welfare along to corporate business who will then use all the new disqualification powers to kick thousands off of welfare.

The sudden impact of thousands of welfare recipients being kicked off welfare is going to cause our communities to implode, the private prison business will be the only ones happy with the results of that.

By 2014 NZ will have the highest proportion of prisoners controlled by private prisons in the entire world and Paula is lining up the poor to be their new clients.

These new welfare corporations will receive a bonus when they shrink the list of beneficiaries and disqualifying them for arrest warrants, failed drug tests or not enrolling children in early school education will become the new favorite means for gaining those bonuses.

Paula will do to welfare next week what National have done to ACC, create a system that finds ways to cut people off rather than work as a public service for their well being.

We are building structural cruelty as social policy fanned by bennie bashing talkback dog whistles. The privatization of our welfare state will be a tragedy at a time when inequality is already at historically high levels, it will doom 270 000 children living in poverty to an even worse fate.

Throwing the poorest and weakest onto the street for failing a system constructed to fail them will reap a bitter harvest.



At 13/9/12 10:44 am, Blogger Ryan Blair said...

They are going after the group that can provide no backlash.. Notoriously hard to organise, consistently transient the few that fight on their behalf are small in number enough that the govt will not back down on the privatisation agenda they are chasing down the path of the TPP and glamourising the demonisation of CATS (claimants against the state)

It's about time the underworld got involved, patches and all, after all if you lived in a society that didn't discriminate against you and force you to live in abject poverty would you join a gang?

At 13/9/12 11:01 am, Blogger Frank said...

The figure is so unbelievably inflated that it demands (a) further media investigation - whioch I doubt will happwen and (b) derisory laughter from the rest of the country.

It's a shame National's sycophants have ignored Paula Bennett's admission, made on TVNZ's Q+A when she uttered,

“There’s not a job for everyone that would want one right now, or else we wouldn’t have the unemployment figures that we do.” – Paula Bennett, 29 April 2012


At 13/9/12 12:23 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

This entry is spot-on with my own opinion on the matter. I just can't for the life of me understand National's policy on beneficiaries. My guess is they revel in the POWER they can exert on them at a whim (like kings of old, tzars, dictators etc). No one is as vulnerable to government machinations as beneficiaries. It is truly awful to be a beneficiary - no one WANTS to be totally dependent on another for survival. NO ONE. National (with Key as leader and presumably the main policy setter) has lost its moral compass completely.

At 13/9/12 5:42 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

This is simply another example of our government showing us how much more time it is wasting on fixating on those without jobs, which would be time better spent working out how to create jobs/opportunities for people.

At 13/9/12 5:51 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

This is simply our government showing us, yet again, how much time is being wasted on fixating on those without jobs; which would be time better spent working on creating job opportunities for us all.

At 13/9/12 7:20 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

I want to see National get ever tougher on the poor and the disadvantaged . I hope they build ' detention centers ' for people held without arrest . I hope they intrude further into our lives by way of installing cameras in our lounges and bedrooms . That way we may be shocked out of our almost unbelievable complacency .

What the fuck are the opposition doing for Christs sake ? Why has Shearer not gone mental against this . Not just babbled out bland words loosely tied together with bits of string ! Why have labour not done one single aggressive , sleeve rolling , pulse quickening thing ? Instead they just mooch about disconsolately like beaten pups with well cultivated worried looks on their well fed faces ! Seriously . How can shearer pass jonky in the halls or parliament and not take a swing at the mincing little fucker ? Why are Lianne Dalziel and Judith Collins not tearing at each others faces and pulling out hair ?

I am truly unable to understand how mortal enemies can cosset up together against the common man and woman without so much as a whimper from us lot when these creatures move about amongst us with a magical impunity . Even more bewildering is the lack of dissection of that frankly amazing psychological anomaly so blatant in it's arrogance and inhumanity yet seems invisible to everybody until we're in the thick of it and of course by then it's too late ???

At 15/9/12 7:45 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Go here , sit quietly and watch this .

' The price of freedom is eternal vigilance . '

This interview with Auldus Huxley is simply brilliant . It was undertaken in 1958 and prescient to a point of aghast-ment .


One could argue that the entire weight of western civilization has taken a turn into a deathly cul-de-sac of greed and lies . It's been drawn in there by propaganda manufactured by power mad psychopaths and it's dragged us in there with it .

Seriously ; watch this interview .

Auldus Huxley successfully requested that he be injected with LSD on his death bed because he believed there was a portion of the brain that connected with a higher level of Being.

In New Zealand as are most countries that are as uncivilized and backward they'll give you morphine until you drown in your own fluids while they try to make sure you remain as conscious as possible during the pain of it .

While the country watches rugby tonight I'm having a glass of wine in the memory of Auldus Huxley .

At 16/9/12 2:18 pm, Blogger blueleopardthinks said...

Re your first post

I have to say, the sentiments you express in your first paragraph has most certainly crossed my mind; maybe the quicker it gets worse the better. The questions you go on to raise; I'd love to know the answers to as well.

WHAT is going on??!!


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