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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

And you thought 'National Standards' were ropey

 The Whale has been doing some spouting about this analysis:
I am proud that I am easier to read than other bloggers. But very upset to lose to Pinko in these ratings and ask for a recount.

Pete (the analyst) says:
There seems to be a correlation between the level of comprehension required to understand a post and where the author sits on the political spectrum. It should be remembered, though, that simplicity is not necessarily a vice. Especially when trying to communicate with a large community and trying to persuade them to a particular point of view. Hemmingway, for example, liked short bold sentences.

Started 'The Old Man and the Sea'. Found it relentlessly overworked. Trying way too hard. Concise, but cold, empty. Couldn't read beyond a few pages. Short sentences? Shite.
Tumeke blog posts have been assessed at a reading grade level of 12.6 (whatever that means) and around about the mid-point for reading ease.

Mr Bradbury's legendary stream-of-conciousness, fifty line, single sentence paragraphs on the blog would have completely munted those stats. I'm guessing it wasn't one of those days. I find them easy to read though - but that's me.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Whaleoil and Kiwiblog find themselves in the special class/remedial learners end of the spectrum. Indeed :)


At 26/9/12 11:16 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

What ? Why ? Why is that fucking hideous little old ape john banks being seen within the same sentence as ' National Standards ' and 'Charter Schools ' ? You can't seriously mean that , that dismal flat-liner has anything to do with diddums get learned ? Hahahahahahahaha a ! Planet of the Average Apes ? Is there a new species that dear old , fabulous old David Attenborough needs to cover ? Imagine a planet covered in shitting , pissing , eating , consuming john banks meat sacks ? Snarling little napoleonic bungsters avoiding being trapped in dark rooms with their poisonous aborted fetus selves ? Fuck ! Hahahahahaha ! You mutts out there in fucked-up land ! You get what you deserve .

It just gets better and better everyday . I can't believe how easy it is to run out of adjectives . Hahahaha !

At 28/9/12 1:25 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Judging by the writing styles of those who post messages on "Whaleoil", I'd say their reading/writing skills wouldn't even register on "National Standards". Fail.

Kiwiblog seems somewhat better, as messages appear to display a fair measure of comprehension and literary skills. Pass.


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