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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An apple a day won't keep child poverty away Mr Key

I'm not sure John Key's 'yeah nah' type response to feeding hungry children at school is what one would describe as leadership on the issue.

His limp, 'not every school would want free food to feed their hungry students' rationale rings as hollow as the stomachs of the 83 000 NZ children who go to school hungry.

His claim that fruit is enough to keep poverty at bay is simply ludicrous.

'It's the parents responsibility' is not an adult response to feeding kids in schools when we pay so little in welfare - the working poor hate the beneficiary poor because they compare their minimum wage pittance to benefits with envy and get angry when they should blame the National Party for setting up a legacy of low minimum wages.

Key is either ignorant to the reality of poverty for many NZers or he just doesn't care. Neither possibility is attractive in a Prime Minister.

John Key's - 'let them eat fruit' isn't much of an answer to child poverty, but then again he isn't much of a Prime Minister.



At 11/9/12 8:50 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Bomber .I agree . No he isn't . But then National Party supporters , Right Wingers in general and their bastard cousins the fascists are not much in the way of human-beings either. I now live , if you could call it living , in a small rural town on the edge of reason. My reason for that was about 11,000 earthquakes . You may have heard about them . This town . I'll call it Grey-Greedy is a good example of when National Party money-fetishists breed with farmers . The result , speaking broadly ? A town full of bland , blank people living in houses mostly illuminated romantically with one overhead 100,000 watt light bulb only sold by NASA . The moths have to wear welding goggles just to circle them . The town has tea rooms . Not Cafe's . The tea rooms have umbrellas over the tables inside to stop fly shit falling onto the pink iced buns . Interestingly the same pink colour as the bingo wings on the sour faced woman who threw my investment-food in my general direction as if it were the hand grenade she wished it was . I felt guilt as I left her to entomb my many dollars in her well oiled till . Guilt for my not making her day by me not dropping dead so she could go through my pockets or retrieve the flaccid ham sandwich for re sale . But was it ham ? Or was it freshly shaved , unemployed , single mothers fetus ? Because these big , hearty Christian girls love their Paula Bennett down here . Across from the dreary shopping center where the 'sale price ' is twice the normal price of anywhere else there's a big picture of Little Billy English . He's smiling like a the German Kit Kat club member who's just shit themselves for the fun of it . His dead eyes follow me around and I nearly crashed the car I can't afford to insure trying to give him the Evils back . To say that these , frankly not that nice a people are ignorant is to explain that a rock will fall when you drop it . Welcome to jonky-stien country . To expect these good , decent , hardworking , church-going , National Party voting , brainless , artless , anti-aesthetic ,Gay hating , woman beating , child whacking ,gladioli growers to feel empathy for a hungry south Auckland kid ... Fuck it ! I've just run out of adjectives .

At 11/9/12 10:53 am, Blogger Tim said...

Just wait it out Countryboy -if you can. Elsewhere there's a number of people (the ones who thought they might aspire to be a jonky, but now having lost their houses to mortgagee sales and their jobs to Corporate empires) are slowly awakening.
Meantime, just sit back and watch the philistines demolish Freeview/TVNZ7; get fat and ugly on their pink-iced buns.......and all the rest of it.
They'll be the second lot to squeel like pigs - the first lot (as is already happening) are the direct beneficiaries of the jonky when things don't quite go their way.

At 14/9/12 11:55 am, Blogger Phil said...

Go Country bouy! I liike yor styyle. Makes me laugh and cry. Almost poetic. Those poor peeps in ChCh, and I'm in SHAKY central, WEllywould, if we could. Fings have turned to turd and and not many, if any, have seemed to give a poo.
Sit down, if you can and hav a cuppa.

At 14/9/12 7:53 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Phil and Tim thank you guys . I'm glad I appealed to your Human-Being selves . Ever seen an ancient Sci Fi TV series called ' The Invaders ' ? . ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Invaders ) It sometimes quite literally scared the shit out of me . I was only a child back then but I knew how to sneak like an Indian ( North American ) . I would jauntily go to bed so as to not arouse suspicion and wait ... My dad would go to sleep in his chair in front of a good Ohai coal fire almost on cue and my mum would then encourage me to do my best sneaking. I'd creep and sneak and lie as quiet as I could behind the sofa with a cat for safety and watch this show on our Philips B&W TV in shock and in awe . Little did I know that as I lay there in my flannelette PJ's that years later those creepy , covert , conniving aliens would be our governmental MP's . And another thing and this is quite chilling . Who said that silver-grey was a fun colour for a car ? Creeeeeeepy ! ! ! The shit scaring thing used to happen during the ad break . I'd get so excited that my bowels would take on a mind of their own and so I had to flee to the outside toilet . I had to go through the warm , food scented kitchen , reach up and wrangle the big brass door nob and sprint across the veranda to the toilet of many mysteries and spiders . Leaping from a warm kitchen across the freezing void of the veranda as stars twinkled and the lights of Gore sparkled in the distance was exactly like space walking to me as I was pursued by the specter of fearful black and white aliens . I get the same feelings now watching the News . I don't know what's going on but I do know that it's not Human . You can be the first to witness a man going insane . Seriously , could you do these things to kids , men , women . People . Could you be a jonky ? It's chilling , to be serious for a moment . What's going on with CH CH schools right now ? That's not Human . What paula bennett is contemplating ...? That's not being a Human-Being .

At 14/9/12 8:43 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Further more and if this doesn't make you want to flee into the bush never to be seen again nothing will .
( Tumeke . Thanks . x )


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