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Monday, August 06, 2012

Why National went up in the polls

3 things on the political polls last night.

1 - Landline polls are a joke, as this article points out fewer and fewer younger NZers now own landlines so the opinions being represented are old conservative ones. That they love John Key is not surprising.

2 - Key has spiked in support because what we don't really like to admit is that NZ is actually pretty racist at times. When Key dog whistled at the Waitangi Tribunal the dogs turned up.

3 - The negative is that this is still a trend against Shearer. Labour's front bench is missing in action and David is making about as much impact as an invisible Ninja wearing camouflage.

The fear is that these mainstream media polls with their flawed landline methodology start manipulating public opinion rather than reflect it, and with a lackluster Leader of the Opposition, that narrative becomes difficult to counter.

NZers were told for 3 years that National gad over 50% of the vote and that led to the lowest voter turn out in 120 years.

Our apathy is being sold to us.



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