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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why is John Banks the associate minister for Education? When did education become a hate crime? 

I don't mind that John Banks believes in a literal version of the Bible, that the Earth is barely 7000 years old and that God created the entire cosmos in only 6 days. 

That's nice. 

If a grown man wants to believe in and take his ethical cues from an invisible friend with magical powers, let Bank's knock himself out. It ain't any of my business to tell another citizen what to take faith in, but when that person is the Associate Minister of Education rolling out a new far right education model that empowers other religious fruit cakes to take tax payer money to teach their children bullshit make believe nonsense, then I have a concern.

Since when did public education become a hate crime? Since everyone's favorite homophobic, racist bigot became the Associate Minister.

How can someone who said this less than a year ago be anywhere close to the education portfolio...

"If we continue the bankrupt response of just paying young Polynesian, young Maori men in south Auckland the dole to sit in front of TV, smoke marijuana, watch pornography and plan more drug offending and more burglaries, then we’re going to have them coming through our windows".

...allowing a man as clearly under qualified as Banks have an association with education is  like making a full blown alcoholic the Surgeon General. 

ACT are a political abomination led by a man who represents yesterdays cringe who believes in creationism. He is quite possibly the last person who should have anything to do with learning. 

I wish I lived in a country where the Associate Minister for Education didn't believe in fairy tales and rape crisis didn't need hell pizza.



At 21/8/12 1:42 pm, Blogger The Contrarian said...

While I find you a rather vile person Bomber and have deep disagreements with not only your opinions but the appalling bias and writing skills on this I agree 100%. Religion has no place in education aside from history and possibly literature/the arts.

At 21/8/12 2:21 pm, Blogger CosmicRocketCultivator said...

There can be no doubt of madness if a grown-up chooses the word of his god over evolution.I did not suppress an ironic chuckle over this news article this morning. Ironic,don't ya think.A little too ironic that this creature of deluded higher standing allows his views of his world to permeate his poison to the afflicted. The affluent preaching to the afflicted masses. Let us spray.

At 21/8/12 7:17 pm, Blogger fatty said...

The Contrarian...I find you a bland and predictable blogger who isn't capable of having a logical or ethical thought. The layout of your blog reminds me of post-pie, rugger vomit. I consider you dishonest, snivelling, arrogant, self-important, and you distort facts.
However I agree with the last sentence on your comment


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