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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Why bother signing TPP when Kiwi Pacific Fibre cable sinking looks like we are America's stooge already?

Our pretense of an independent foreign policy continues to have David Lange rolling in his grave with news that it was the US who killed off a Kiwi Pacific fibre cable project if the Chinese were involved...

Kiwi Pacific Fibre cable project sunk by US fears about Chinese investment, espionage; 'It was made clear US authorities would not allow Chinese investment,' Pacific Fibre's Drury says
A Kiwi project to lay another undersea internet cable between New Zealand, Australia and the United States was scuppered by American concerns about Chinese investment in the venture and fears that might allow for Chinese espionage.

Great work by Alex Tarrant on Interest.co.nz - sadly the competitive nature of the other mainstream media mean they aren't even commenting on this incredible revelation.

The US killed off the deal because they feared the Chinese would spy on us? Do any of us believe for one second that if the US had built it, that they wouldn't also build it to spy on us as well?

Everyone is going to spy on us.

This latest symptom of submission to America follows hard on the heels of the Dotcom fiasco.

There is a cold war brewing between China and America in the Pacific and NZ is a new friction point in that struggle. China has a large number of their own citizens living and visiting here and are our second largest trading partner while America is paranoid and militaristic. Playing one off against each other is surely in our best interests rather than immediate agreement to American corporate profit motives.

If any other country on earth had rolled up and demanded help in arresting a resident on what is effectively a copyright issue, they would have been shown the door. The US turn up and demand we do it and we send 70 cops to arrest Kim Dotcom and seize all his assets based on wonky legal logic and illegal search warrants for corporations who had previously been trying to work with Kim Dotcom!

The public slap in the face by the US over thawing relations with Fiji's military dictatorship is the icing on this shit cake.

National have adopted obedience to America as a foreign policy. Clinging to the coat tales of the Washington Consensus as it collapses may not be in our long term interests.

If this is the level of influence America has over us now, what new horrors against national sovereignty will the TPP bring to our shores? Why bother signing when it looks like America can do what it wants, when it wants and how it wants under this Government.



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