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Monday, August 27, 2012

What will Paula Bennett announce next to distract public attention?

When ever the Government are in trouble, Paula Bennett is rolled out to blurt some bennie bashing raw meat brainfart to divert attention from what ever self inflicted calamity has befallen the National Party.

Lying about the cost of drug testing beneficiaries, limiting beneficiaries from having children, releasing private details about beneficiaries protesting cut backs, threatening to do it again if anyone pisses her off - they are all tools Paula has used to distract public attention by playing to the darker angels of our nature.

With Kiwirail safety concerns and Radio NZ being gagged over reporting on it, the entire asset sale agenda on hold, ACC meltdown, rising unemployment, inequality at an all time high and the back down to the booze industry, the Government have more need for Paula to dog whistle the publics attention than ever before.

So what bennie bashing tune will Paula whistle next and how long can this keep NZers blinded to the wider issues?



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