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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Twitter is for:

Everyday thoughts...

(Although you don't need to express them every two minutes. "Perhaps"? He's done over 42,000 tweets FFS! Anyway shamed Jordan into a twitter outage for almost half an hour. Must be a record for him... or maybe just a particularly messy panini in a wireless blackhole probably more likely reasons.)

bernardchickey‏ @bernardchickey
But everything is ok as long as foreigners keep lending us the money and buying our assets... no worries then...

@ One man's debt is another man's asset - the persistence is a matter of uncertainty. This won't last forever.

TUMEKE! blog‏ @TUMEKE_blog
@  @ Won't last forever eh? NZ created in UK market based on grabbing Maori assets. In debt 172 years and never paid off.

@ There is no issue of repayment there though - there is a difference between negotiating a loss, and having a long dated debt

(Not that they need reach any conclusion.)

Observations of and from the nation's leaders...

(I hope someone recorded it. If any music could be swapped over at the next National Party conference it should be this one.)

Comms and Hacking...

(Oops - From the people who bought you INCIS... they must have had a super easy password to have been spambotted and auto-hacked.  Munters)

"We operate all of our accounts under strict policy to ensure they are properly monitored and managed which means that any compromise or misuse from outside can be picked up quickly and rectified. We also operate our accounts in such a way that there can be no compromise to other police systems.''

A similar tweet was also posted from Taupo MP Louise Upston's Twitter account, which was also removed shortly after.


And in some other internet related news:

Southern Cross Cable will cease operations, chairman Sam Morgan said in a statement this afternoon.
Pacific Fibre statement:
Pacific Fibre to Cease Operations

The Pacific Fibre board today resolved to cease operations, citing an inability to raise the NZ$400m required to fund the cable build.

Pacific Fibre launched in March 2010 and planned to build a 13,000km highspeed fibre-optic cable connecting New Zealand and Australia to California.

“A 13,000km cable is clearly an audacious thing to try and do. We were fortunate to find supportive shareholders, fantastic staff and early customer support from the likes of REANNZ and Vodafone” said chairman Sam Morgan. “We’ve spent millions of shareholder funds trying to get this done and despite getting some good investor support we have not been able to find the level of nvestment required in New Zealand initially and more broadly offshore.”
“The global investment market is undoubtedly difficult at the moment but we knew this was always going to be hard, regardless of our timing.”

This is really quite shitty news, mainly because of the prospect this project had of lowering our internet charges.

“We still cannot see how the government’s investment in UFB makes sense until the price of international bandwidth is greatly reduced” said Mr Drury.  In September 2011, the Australian telecommunication research company Market Clarity reported the cost of bandwidth to the U.S. from New Zealand as 5.8 times greater than the price paid by Australians.
Directors, advisors and staff: David Kirk, Michael Boustridge, Rod Drury, Stephen Tindall, Sam Morgan, Mark Rushworth (CEO), Michael Gleissner (CFO), Alison Lindsay (GC), Todd Sutton, Chris Humphreys, Anchali Anandanayagam, Bill Richards
Our shareholders, customers and partners, including TE Subcom, Vodafone,
REANNZ and iiNet.


At 1/8/12 7:05 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

You do realise (I hope) that there are better things to do with your time (e.g. masturbating) than read or write garbage on Twitter. I have yet to see ANYTHING insightful posted on this platform. It's almost as bad as Facebook.

At 2/8/12 9:54 am, Blogger DebsisDead said...

I guess for most kiwis the penny isn't gonna drop until they wake up one morning to turn on their bland breakfast show and discover that the only choice insists on the same sort of 'pay wall' as Murdoch uses for his newspaper operations. I was actually surprised that Morgan & co went ahead with this launch after the $1 billion taxpayer Telecom rescue package was announced. By then it was apparent that the goverment were firmly in Telecom's hip pocket and that Telecom who have a 5 year monopoly deal with the Murdoch owned Sky TV on Ultra fast broand band video carriage, have decided that the modesty afforded by Kiwi style duopolies is un-neccessary. They don't care who sees them abusing their monopoly position in a banana republic economy run by cowboy gangsters.
The fact that NZ super funds didn't rush to invest in the ideal long term infrastructure asset that Pacific Fibre would be says it all really. Their analysts would have seen the investment as idea,l so we can assume there was some high level beehive-type interference.
kiwi bussinespeople are dumb and totally lacking in foresight. Back in the 1990's after bernard ebbers worldcom scam was revealed, 50% ownership of Southern Cross (the only capacity submarine cable going to NZ) became available. I spent a great deal of time and effort trying to persuade kiwi businesspeople of the opportunity for investment that presented. They only saw toll calls n a couple amazon sales a week. The lack of interest allowed telecom to extend its monopoly offshore and now we see KeyCo protecting that monopoly.
Telecom shares are steady at $2.66 http://investor.telecom.co.nz/phoenix.zhtml?c=91956&p=irol-stockquote if you look at the history they have doubled in value since the KeyCo subsidy announcement back in 2010 and the only time they dropped back was prior to the 2011 election. What can this mean?


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