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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Prime Minister is going to America with his son, while we bury our troops

It is staggering that John Key will not go to the funeral of the two soldiers killed in Afghanistan because he is going to America to watch his son in a baseball match.

Cue open mouthed shock look now.

Key will miss the funeral of two of his soldiers, two soldiers he's kept in a pointless war propping up a corrupt narco State, so he can watch his son play a game in the US?

Surely if this guys economic mismanagement and self sabotage doesn't make you cringe, his lack of duty and responsibility to be at the funeral for soldiers who have died on his watch in a war we should have pulled out of a long time ago will.

There are two families that will never be able to watch their sons play anything any longer, Key's decision is a slap in their face.



At 10/8/12 8:08 am, Blogger Nitrium said...

Just saw on Breakfast that 80% support Key going to see his son and skip the funeral, 'cos, you know, that's what they would do. What they don't seem to grasp AT ALL, is that these soldiers are only dead because Key insists on putting them in danger - i.e. for better or worse (whether you agree with this decision or not is totally irrelevant), it's HIS fault they are dead. It is therefore Key's duty to front up, and go to the funerals of the people HE had a irrefutable hand in killing.

At 10/8/12 10:24 pm, Blogger frances jane said...

I agree.
These honorable young men died for what?

At 11/8/12 9:28 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Francis jane . Those 'honorable' young men died to put gas in our tanks . And how honorable were they anyway ? Is learning how to kill with a weapon to defend a profit margin ... I dunno , so honorable ? ( I respect the fact that they didn't know and my heart goes out to their families ) I'd a been more amazed if jonky had stayed here and gone to the funeral . Have you not yet realized he's a thing ? A non human thingy ? A greedy , selfish , self serving , self orientated , money fetishist . When he takes off his skin of an evening I bet he has suckers and antennas . Have you not yet seen that outstanding Doco when he was a Forex Trader ? Outrageous ! The only way you could get a tear in jonky's eye-ports would be to burn a hundie on the barbie .

Where are we going to find an alternative though , that what's worrying me . Who out there is better as such ? Who is up and coming ? Bloody no one ! Fuck ! That's freaky man ! We have a vast leadership deficit so hold on tight ladies and gentlemen . We're in free fall ...


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