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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The death of NZ egalitarianism

Poor get poorer, inequality reigns - survey
Inequality is at its highest level ever as low earners' pay packets decrease while high earners are paid more, a new report suggests.

Seeing as Paula Bennett doesn't bother to measure child poverty because too many children slip in and out of poverty, these figures should shame every one of us.

Figures released on Thursday show 21% of children now living in poverty, median household incomes fell 3% while the richest amongst us had their salaries soar leading us to having the highest levels of inequality on record.

How much did the wealthy gain? The average increase in 2011 for executives was $28, 311. That pay rise is more than a minimum wage worker earns in a year, and it get's better for CEO's. In 2011 our richest bosses earned on average 22.5 times more than the workers working for them.

The Government's response to this jump in inequality is that it isn't their fault, that it is the global economic recession to blame. What a load of bullshit.

You want to blame someone for the sudden jump in inequality? Blame John Key. Our multi-millionaire money trading leader who knows the price of everything but none of the value, has set in motion policy that specifically punish the poor, while rewarding the rich.

Borrowed tax cuts for the wealthy, forcing beneficiaries back to work when there are no jobs, higher unemployment, weaker unions, cut backs to public services and higher GST all have social consequences and we are now seeing the terrible harvest from those social consequences.

What so many NZers seem to fail to appreciate is that National is the party for Farmers and Businessmen, it is a political party for the wealthy who plays to everyones desire to be wealthy.

John Key isn't aspiration, he is the vacant promise of a lotto ticket and that promise is looking increasingly empty.



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