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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shame on NZ Herald for not disclosing anti-Gay agenda

I'm sorry, what?

In the NZ Herald opinion section this week - what?

Bruce Logan's ridiculous attempt to justify his homophobia in todays Herald - look at the by-line that the NZ Herald has chosen to run with...

* Bruce Logan is a former Auckland schoolteacher now living in France.

WTF? Bruce Logan is a former Auckland schoolteacher now living in France?????? That's the by-line the Herald have chosen to describe Bruce? This is a howler of a decision, Logan is the former head of the ultra right Christian think tank, the Maxim Institute - to not mention that as his by-line so that readers can immediately spot the bias is deceitful of the Herald.

Leaving out Bruce Logan's role as head of an ultra right Christian think tank in his by-line to his homophobic opinion piece today is like describing David Farrar as an odd loner who might like John Key.



At 29/8/12 4:50 pm, Blogger Frank said...

I read half of Logan's ranting. That's as much as I could stomach. All I can say is that he seems very insecuse about his sexuality? The man doth protest too much...

At 30/8/12 8:43 pm, Blogger peterpeasant said...

Typical hypocritical low life herald.

It is now in tabloid format in accordance with its british counterparts.


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