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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

RNZ employment policy

Fascinating employment policy they have over at Radio Rhodesia National.

NZ Herald:
Radio New Zealand has rehired Noelle McCarthy for its summer coverage and a job presenting and producing in its Auckland studios.
She has popped back from Cork to return to NZ.
McCarthy left in June 2011, returning to her home town of Cork in Ireland, where she handled public relations before moving on.
Her current role is listed as a freelance feature writer for the Irish Examiner.
The term has not been specific and a staff source said that the job had not been advertised. McCarthy was a favourite with Radio New Zealand bosses who liked her Irish brogue. In 2008 she was at the centre of a storm over plagiarism over some of her on air activities.
RNZ network manager John Howson told staff in a memo McCarthy "has decided that the lure of a New Zealand summer is just irresistible and she'll be returning in November."

There's over four million people in this country and not one of them is as qualified as this person from Ireland. The same RNZ management that ran with the "Sounds like us" slogan a few years ago now thinks that sounding like a foreigner is what they are all about. But it's OK as long they sound white, eh. Like how their African correspondent is inevitably white... Is there a theme here or is there a theme here?


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