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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Q+A and The Nation review

The Nation
The hollow brain Steven Joyce is on. Alex Tarrant and John Hartevelt are grilling him and it's a nasty knife fight on a rooftop. Joyce insults Alex and John, they in turn point out that what he is saying is bullshit.

It's like two squabbling couples fresh from a divorce.

The Nation seem to have found out that the unemployment rate went up a week ago, and question Joyce on it. Still amazed they didn't mention it last week.

Joyce is so sanctimonious and arrogant in the interview, it's worth watching to listen to the hubris of the man. Tarrant and Hartevelt are simply too polite and they never savage their interview subject in the manner they get savaged.

It always comes across like two school kids getting chastised, let them both off the leash and have a real go at their subject. Tarrant and Hartevelt are far smarter than this and I can see why Government Ministers are lining up trying to get on the Nation when they are given this kind of love in.

How the hell can a Government that has mismanaged the economy as badly as this one has manage to get through an interview without so much as a dent on their leadership credentials? Is it the lack of skill of the journalists interviewing Joyce or is it poor researchers? The Nation are so hard right, they maybe don't have the ability to critique their own free market dogma?

Joyce then has the audacity to justify dumping 100% pure as our brand (because his Government has denigrated our clean, green brand) by using a story about standing in China and wondering how NZ could compete? Well keeping 100% pure would work in dirty, filthy, polluted China wouldn't it?

They keep allowing Joyce to duck under jargon and techno-crat detail to avoid answering questions.

This is a party political broadcast, it isn't a current affairs.

Colin James is on, he is a thankful deviation from the bland. David Parker's tour of the financial planet is noted (please God let David Parker listen to Joseph Stiglitz).

MMP discussion between people who want to kill off the coat tailing and end genuine representation. Dumping the coat tail will simply see Labour and National locked into power forever, good bye a genuine political spectrum.

The panel are two right wingers, it's a Milton Friedman circle jerk.

I don't bother with 360, a right wing domestic show followed by a right wing international news show hosted by John Key's pet is just too much right wing content for a Sunday morning.

Most cringe worthy show this year. Yuck.

Waitangi Tribunal ruling is looming, there is a real attempt to understand Maori perspective for once (couldn't happen if Holmes was hosting).

The traitor Mike Moore is on with Jon Johansson and beast of Blenheim fear mongering will be discussed - I wonder if Q+A will look at their own networks news coverage and blame that for fanning the lynch mob?

Greg Boyd is nailing the Damien Christie monologue, very funny this week.

Maori Council co-chair Sir Eddie Durie, and Iwi Leadership Group member Haami Piripi are on pointing out that water taken for the public benefit can't be privatized without going back to the original owners and renegotiating ownership.

How does Maoridom get damned for 'stealing' the water when it is John Key trying to sell it? Isn't it amazing what white people in this country claim is free when they are the ones trying to take it?

Ray Miller, Willie Jackson and Rodney Hide are the panel. Love watching Rodney back peddling trying to redefine property rights.

Jon and Mike on discussing the US election. Conclusion is Obama will probably win.

I can't seriously watch a discussion on Stewart Murray Wilson when TVNZ have been so instrumental in bleating the 'Beast of Blenheim' mantra. I'm off to watch American Dad on Comedy Central, it's less jingoistic.



At 19/8/12 10:19 am, Blogger The Contrarian said...

"I'm off to watch American Dad on Comedy Central, it's less jingoistic."

I didn't know TVNZ possessed an extreme sense of patriotism with a belligerent foreign policy.

I don't think jingoistic is the word you mean to use here...

At 19/8/12 8:14 pm, Blogger SteveO said...

Hello, hello is there any one here? Oh my god somebody else has replied to your blog, bonus they watch cartoons too :-) happy, happy, joy, joy. I cannot understand for the life of me why your colossal genius is not recognise by the rest of New Zealand? If only the sleepy hobbits would wake up and vote for you to become our "dear leader"

At 20/8/12 9:34 am, Blogger The Contrarian said...

"Oh my god somebody else has replied to your blog, bonus they watch cartoons too"

I hope you don't mean me - I don't watch cartoons...


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