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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Q+A and The Nation review

The Nation
Olympics review, don't care. Sport shouldn't ever be in politics.

Am flicking over to Comedy Central, it's Hogans Heroes. Can I put up with a 1950's Second World War comedy series or Murray McCully talk about sports?

Hogan's Heroes it is.

Mid "I know nuthiiiiiiiing' I switch back to The Nation and their focus on the NZ Initiative's debate on foreign ownership. This new far right think tank are smarter than their Business Roundtable predecessors, hosting debates at University was always something I wanted the trade Union movement to try, the NZ Initiative bet me to it. It should be a priority of the vast left wing conspiracy to start demonizing the NZ Initiative as soon as we've finished demonizing the Labour Party.

Being able to get almost 20 minutes of unedited debate onto a major TV station shows the NZ Initiative has the same editorial power over The Nation that Steven Joyce does. Hilariously the next debate is should the rich be taxed more, at least it shows that far right wing think tanks have a sense of humor.

It was nice to see someone commenting on the NZ Herald about how far right and biased The Nation is, I'm off to watch American Dad on Comedy Central because it's slightly to the left of the nation and not as pro China.


Corin Dann is hosting the main interview again. Thank God, he's the highlight of this show now.

KiwiRail cost cutting is the issue of the week, The Union Report will be discussing this on Monday 8pm on Triangle TV with the RMTU and Matt McCarten.

The panel is Hooton and Helen Kelly, Q+A are finally understanding that their panel guest line ups are vital for an interesting show. Good to see them taking their cues from Citizen A.

Helen Kelly slays KiwiRail and Hooton allows Helen to win the argument with a pretty weak attack on everything he sees as socialism. Nice to see Bryce Edwards being used more often, he has become far better on television.

Discussion on MMP - think Hone breaches suppression orders on live TV, my picks are that it looks like 4% threshold and the coat tail rule will be kept.

What is most staggering from The Nation and Q+A this week is that unemployment ticks up to 6.8% when the view was that it was going to fall to 6.5% and that fact is not mentioned at all by either current affairs show. Why? Because the comparatively well paid staff in those organizations are far from the reality of unemployment confronting so many NZers, this is current affairs for the middle classes, paid for by everyone from taxpayer funds.

Epic fail to both shows, The Union report this week and next week will focus on the growth of unemployment and its impacts.



At 12/8/12 1:05 pm, Blogger Graeme Edgeler said...

Name suppression for Graham Capill (assuming that's who you were talking about) was removed following his conviction.


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