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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paula Bennett threatens to release more private information from beneficiaries

This terrible hate monger of a person, knows no end does she? Fresh from the Human Rights Commission telling Paula that she has breached the privacy of a beneficiary who complained about the Minister ending training allowances that Bennett herself had used to climb the social ladder, she now has the audacity to threaten every beneficiary in the country by telling the media that she would do it again...

Bennett might release more details
Social Development Minister Paula Bennett is unrepentant about releasing the personal details of a solo mother who criticised her, suggesting she might to do it again if faced with the same circumstances.

...Bennett holds the private information of hundreds of thousands of NZers, and she's brazenly boasting to the Media in her arrogance that she'd do it again?

I appreciate that the darker nature of our angels love bashing the dirty filthy bennie, that it's on par with other treasured cultural hobbies like alcoholism, rugby and domestic violence, but surely allowing a Minister to bully and threaten the weakest members of our society should cause some of our redder necked NZers cause to pause?

Bennett is out of control and needs to be reigned in. Just because these people are beneficiaries does not mean they should have their privacy abused by a Minister on a pathetic power trip.

How dare she, and how dare we allow her to get away with it.



At 16/8/12 10:22 am, Blogger Hypatia said...

Odious ...ODIOUS ..well, she's just plain odious actually. Have you looked at her FB page today - a photo of her , (she probably deleted about 23 before getting this halfway decent one - not that i'm being "lookist" but the photo does NOT look like her ) ..anyway...her FB page today , photo of her, Heading " thought i'd try red today " ( she dyed her hair )..ferfuckssake!!

PS Your security test thing on yr comments section is a FRICKIN nightmare !! I'm surprised anybody bothers commenting

At 17/8/12 10:03 am, Blogger Steve said...

I suggest a protest that draws on the logical consequences of Paula Bennett's inability to learn from her fairly obvious mistake. I have contacted WINS and asked for a copy of my personal details so that I can correct any of that information in advance of it possibly being leaked by Paula on another whim. If just 1% of the people who have ever been clients of WINS did this, then things might become a teeny bit unworkable for Bennett, which would be the desired effect.

Here's my request, sent off two days ago:

"I have concerns about any personal information that the Ministry of Social Development may hold about me, due to your minister, Paula Bennett apparently not believing that she has breached the privacy of Natasha Fuller and being quite equivocal about whether she would release private information again.

At the least, I wish to view a copy of the information you hold on me, so I can correct any inaccuracies prior to any possible release of that information by the minister. It's just the minister I'm concerned about, not the ministry.

I haven't had dealings with the ministry for many years, so I don't have any ID number or similar. If it helps, I've been resident at xxxxxxx.

I'm sorry about the inconvenience this causes, but I have to protect myself against what appears to me to be a rogue minister. I'm sure you understand my position."



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